The husband is a billionaire, the fortune is huge, but the wife is “empty”

Do Quang Hien is a famous billionaire in the Vietnamese business world, holding the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of T&T Group. He is also the Chairman of a series of other enterprises such as: Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB); Saigon – Hanoi Fund Management Joint Stock Company (SHF); Saigon – Hanoi Securities Joint Stock Company (SHS); SHB Urban and Industrial Park Development Joint Stock Company (SHB Land); BSH Insurance Corporation; T&T Ha Giang Mineral Exploitation Joint Stock Company.

Although his business is multi-disciplinary, his name seems to be more familiar to the public because it is associated with football. The name Hien elected enough shows his influence and contribution to football, especially Hanoi club.

Young couple, from best friends to husband and wife

Hien’s career, huge fortune and burning passion for football, which as he admits “the concentration of football in my blood is very high, sometimes even higher than that of the famous players”. Private life matters as much. The pink shadow walking by Mr. Do Quang Hien’s life is not a young long-legged man, but only his wife of the same age, Mrs. Le Thanh Hoa.

Mrs. Hoa and Mr. Hien are “young and old” friends, close since high school at Tran Phu School (Hanoi). They are close friends, love, understand each other’s character and then become lovers, life partners.

  Strange story of Hien's house: The husband is a billionaire, the property is huge, but the wife is empty-handed - Photo 1.

Bau Hien and his wife in their youth (photo taken in 1995)

Mr. Hien and Mrs. Hoa are both people born in the year of the Tiger – the age that, according to folk beliefs, is the fiercest and fiercest. It is also the age when it is “reputed” that hot-tempered, the spouse must choose to live a peaceful life. Because the person holding the tiger sign is said to be as strong as the king of the jungle.

But maybe it’s a story in another house, and in the house of the election of Hien, where there are two tigers and a forest, everything behaves very smoothly. Ms. Hoa once revealed: “As friends, we understand each other’s nature, so when we become predestined, in my family there is always a sharing, but also respect for each other’s independence. Every home has its own scene, but to have lasting happiness, there’s nothing like always respecting, and most importantly, giving in.“.

With the election of Hien, the exciting and passionate stage of youth is rarely mentioned, but the love of the fifties is always warmed up. This billionaire couple does not hesitate to give each other gestures and signals to affirm their love.

  Strange story of Hien's house: The husband is a billionaire, the property is huge, but the wife is empty-handed - Photo 2.

The “storm” kiss of the pregnant couple Hien at the party on March 8.

A man who is busy with hundreds of thousands of jobs, managing dozens of companies like elected Hien, surprisingly, is never indifferent, indifferent to his wife and children. He always manages to spend quality time with his family. Bau Hien often eats breakfast at home with his wife and children, no matter how huge the workload to deal with during the day.

He is also not afraid to openly express his love for his wife on social networks or in front of everyone with gifts and kisses. Hien’s pregnant son once revealed that even when he was too busy, he also called to ask for his wife’s peace of mind and did not feel sad and lonely.

“Internal Prime Minister” nurtures the family so that her husband can be content with mourning

The life motto of the entire billionaire family is “family is number one”, “family culture is always first”.

Do Quang Vinh – the eldest son, elected Hien, proudly told about his parents’ love: “In my father’s eyes, my mother has been both a wife and a best friend since we were in the same class in high school. My father always understood that my mother had to be patient, suffered disadvantages in life, always supported me to got today, so dad respects mom very much. My father also thanked his mother for giving him two sons, who are the most valuable assets“.

  Strange story of Hien's house: The husband is a billionaire, the property is huge, but the wife is empty-handed - Photo 3.

Hien’s family is warm and cozy thanks to the skillful nurturing of Mrs. Hoa.

Together, they care for their most precious possessions to bear fruit. The two sons of elected Hien can be called young masters with golden spoons, but they were not taught by their parents to enjoy. The two boys are prepared with a very good educational background from home to school.

The care of the family when the children are young is taken care of by Mrs. Hoa alone, from taking care of her husband on behalf of the children from transportation to daily teaching. Even when the children were grown up and were given the responsibility to continue the business, Mrs. Hoa remained close, reminding and encouraging.

The eldest Do Quang Vinh revealed that his mother is a very traditional woman. “There are things about my mother that are hard to find these days. Because our father was busy doing business in the market place, from childhood we were both cared for and taught by our mother little by little, so, for us, mother is the biggest lover in life.

Dad highly values ​​sacrificing everything for his family. Mom, too, is always caring and nurturing. That’s why my brothers and I also look at and follow, like a habit. Until now, nothing can surpass the importance of family“.

  Strange story of Hien's house: The husband is a billionaire, the property is huge, but the wife is empty-handed - Photo 4.

Hoa is a traditional woman in her son’s eyes.

The first son, Do Quang Vinh, was born in 1989, had 3 years of high school in Singapore, 4 years of university and then a master’s degree in the UK. The second child Do Vinh Quang, born in 1995, also had the same intention when studying at his brother’s school.

Therefore, both are very confident when following in the footsteps of their father. The eldest son, Do Quang Vinh has just been appointed Chairman of SHB Finance; The youngest son was assigned the role of Chairman of Hanoi Football Club at the age of 25.

Wife separate from husband’s finances

One of the interesting things in the marriage of elected Hien is that Mrs. Hoa is only a spiritual backer, not related to her husband’s property or work. As a talented person, Ms. Hoa is capable of handling the financial sector and is the key holder in her husband’s business. However, she chose to “not be relevant”.

Not only “empty hand” at SHB and other business projects with the imprint of Hien, Ms. Hoa is also determined not to “work” for her husband. She used to be the head of the Accounting Department of the General Department of Logistics and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security.

Despite having “two tigers and one forest”, both of them retain their individuality because Ms. Hoa chooses to work independently. Her work at the office is quite busy while the burden of taking care of the family falls on her shoulders, she once revealed that she faced a lot of pressure. But thanks to the skillful management, the office work, the housework is all right. Bau Hien is therefore able to focus entirely on the business.

  Strange story of Hien's house: The husband is a billionaire, the property is huge, but the wife is empty-handed - Photo 5.

Football is a common joy, a spice to make the life of the family elected more closely.

Love and responsibility are the ties to keep the happiness of the family elected Hien, and football – the common love of the whole family – is the spice that makes that happiness sublimate. Hien’s family, including Mrs. Hoa, have a deep affection for football.

She shares her passion for football with her husband, and “makes use of” weekends to watch football to bring the whole family together, which is very busy and rarely spends time together. From someone who has little interest in football and comes to the field out of respect for her husband’s hobby, Ms. Hoa has become an avid fan. Perhaps that is also the secret for a wife of the same age to be both loved and respected by her billionaire husband.

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