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The secret behind the blockbuster “Lost City”, fell back because Brad Pitt received the cameo role

Saturday, April 2, 2022 14:56 PM (GMT+7)

Behind the fascinating story and many wacky details, the film crew revealed many interesting behind-the-scenes secrets from choosing the role to the setting.

Trailer for the movie “The Lost City”

The character Alan played by Channing Tatum in the film is a photo model who plays the hero Dash in the novel from Loretta (Sandra Bullock). Excessively absorbed, the guy was very excited in the romantic wig until Loretta’s watch got stuck in her hair and then… not after that.

Sharing about this, Tatum said that the magic of the wig is that when he puts it on, the actor immediately has character inspiration. Product author – hairstylist Derrick Spruill says: “Every time he wears it, he (Tatum) changes immediately, no longer Channing Tatum, no longer Alan but completely Dash.”

The secret behind the blockbuster

The inspiration for the hair is none other than Brad Pitt’s role as the male god in “Legends of the Fall”. Having the opportunity to act with idols, and even wearing an idol swinging wig, Channing Tatum is the happiest person in the movie. However, the same hair stylist Spruill revealed that the actor only likes to cut crab heads, so he finds the wig quite annoying. After a few scenes with hair flying in his mouth, Tatum just wanted to say goodbye to this accessory.

The filmmakers wanted to give “The Lost City” a suitable look that blends grandeur and humor. Director Aaron Nee shared: “We wanted the island to stand out but in the most natural way possible.” The team uses some special techniques to bring out the unique visuals. “The Zorn palette is a limited palette without saturated blues and greens. We used variations on this palette for the first part of the film, giving it a Wizard of Oz vibe while saving up the greens and blues to “unleash” them when the character arrives in the jungle.”

The secret behind the blockbuster

To design fantasy elements for the island’s history, the film crew invited Dr. Seth Mallios – professor of anthropology and director of the South Coast Information Center at the University of San Diego. Mallios studied ancient island cultures to develop a myth about King Kalaman, Queen Taha, and the island tribe.

The film crew found the ideal location to shoot for “The Lost City” in the Dominican Republic – where there are green forests and majestic waterfalls. The actors spent days perfecting their scenes under high humidity and heat, with Sandra Bullock in particular having to do the scenes in sparkly bodysuits. The weather also made Daniel Radcliffe need 3 people to take turns fanning him so as not to make this character sweat profusely in front of the camera.

The secret behind the blockbuster

In “The Lost City”, Daniel Radcliffe plays a crazy billionaire who plans to kidnap Loretta Sage to find the treasure. The dramatic scene when the door is flung open showing the plane starting loudly shared by Daniel is the moment “destroying the set”.

In the script, the room filled with food was blown by the wind from the plane creating a “meat and cheese hurricane”, everything flew up and collided with crazy confusion. The special effects staff used two powerful propellers to blow everything up on set.

Audiences enjoying “The Lost City” cannot ignore the top-notch cameo performance of A-list actor Brad Pitt. His character appeared like a god, overwhelming the male lead’s charisma. Behind Brad Pitt’s “snatching of the spotlight” is a whole “request” story of Hollywood names.

The secret behind the blockbuster

Famously strict in choosing scripts, Brad Pitt does not always nod to the film projects that come up. The big sister Sandra Bullock has a cameo in Brad Pitt’s new movie Bullet Train. Seeing the opportunity right in front of him, Sandra invited him to play a cameo role in “The Lost City”. Accompanied by a “threat” if Pitt refused, she would ask George Clooney to terrorize Pitt’s phone every day saying that “Do Sandra’s movie!”

“The Lost City” (original title: The Lost City) premieres on March 25, 2022.

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