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Thu Ha News Editor Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because of the Case of a 16-Year-Old Boy – The Star

The case of a 16-year-old male student from a special school in Hanoi who jumped to his death has shocked the online community. According to apartment cameras, the incident occurred at 3:37 a.m. on April 1, before the suicide, the male student and his father talked back and forth. After a while, the young man opened the door and went out onto the balcony, telling his father to read the letter he had left on the table.

While the father was reading, suddenly the son stood up and rushed out. Witnessing the moment, the father panicked and ran outside while screaming his son’s name helplessly. The suicide note and the clip before the male student’s death also went viral on social networks, leaving many people heartbroken and haunted.

Thu Ha News Editor Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because of the Case of a 16-Year-Old Boy - 1

The case of a male student who committed suicide due to academic stress later than 3 a.m., before jumping off the stairs, left a suicide note for his father causing sympathy in the online community.

Many celebrities couldn’t help but read about the incident. MC Thao Van I feel even more sorry for him when I think he is the same age as my son. He choked writing: “He’s roughly the same age as Titus… I’m ready to leave this world even though there’s actually a sky full of ambition, desire and aspiration in front of me… I regret the songs I haven’t heard. bad… But I’m so tired…

Why??? I’m only 16 years old! What were you thinking at that time? It hurts when nothing can keep you in this life… Peace there, baby! Please share this excruciating pain with my family!”

Under the comments, Thao Van share that she cries when she reads the text “I’ve been tired for a long time” the boy and remain confused by the questioni “why”Her heart was suffocating, unable to stop the tears from falling. He thought this was too painful for the boy’s parents: “I’m just a stranger with this kind of pain, my family is much more…”, “Everyone is pathetic. I don’t know what the baby’s parents are like, this pain is understandable…”

Female MC Tao Quan confessed that his son once asked him out to relieve his frustration: “Titus once asked him to go around Hanoi at a very late hour, to relieve his frustration, and he agreed … Children are not like us, they are not used to being under pressure, they need listeners and friends. They are right though sometimes adults think it’s really crazy… My heart hurts… Isn’t that desperate call dad not very affectionate, just not right for you…”

Thu Ha News Editor Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because of the Case of a 16-Year-Old Boy - 3

Thao Van signedcouldn’t stop crying when a boy the same age as his son committed suicide.

Many of the artist’s friends also commented with Thao Van. Artist Van Dung revealed: “I feel so sorry for you! My heart aches when I see her… I can’t stand it. Too bad, she must have something she can’t lose in her heart”. Singer Ho Quang Tam said: “I just watched the video. The pressure was unbearable to break free”. Runner-up Y Lan – Chi Trung’s girlfriend wrote: “I just read this news and feel so sad, I can’t believe my eyes!” Comedian Chien Thang feels haunted and blames the father for putting pressure on his son.

Young Bui Duong Thai Ha – Champion Hanoi beautiful voice 2020 told Thao Van: “Back then, when I was little, my father also taught me with a whip. Even though I was angry but grumpy and didn’t know how to do it properly, I was so frustrated that I wrote a full diary. of rants and lots of ‘why’ questions. The idea of ​​leaving the house, always thinking that I should leave the house, I was so upset that I thought I would die and live like that… So when I watched the clip, I felt so sorry for the other brother, had to be suppressed, So many things negative before coming to such a country…

Later when the children grow up, they understand many things, understand the heart of their parents, and luckily, they are still awake and rational enough to refrain from doing things that they have to regret… Now, I worry about my sister as Well, as a adults, I worry that as society develops, children have more and more strange thoughts, but I don’t know in time to help them. You’re so sad!”

Thu Ha News Editor Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because of the Case of a 16-Year-Old Boy - 4

Many artists commented under Thao Van’s MC status line.

Thao Van says: “Parents love their kids but sometimes not in the right way, they really think that they are doing the best for their kids without knowing that their kids don’t need it at all, they need something else. If everyone always understands, always knows how. To do, life has changed too much, that’s why we say we always have to learn. Just hope everyone will have a deep lesson for themselves.”

On the parent side, the female MC revealed: “We are constantly struggling with all sorts of things while the most important thing is to make our kids happy when they go to school, we hardly pay much attention.”

News editor Thu Ha also wrote about the incident. He felt sorry for the boy’s words such as: “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time”, “It’s not that my life is pathetic but maybe I’m just being negative”, “It’s probably nobody’s fault (besides me)”…

The female MC born in 1988 revealed: “Please read this letter carefully instead of looking for clips to watch and comment on. A boy is missing. Don’t kill more of your parents by hasty judgment just because you’re sitting at your desk studying. No…”

Sharing with friends, he said he couldn’t sleep after reading about the incident. For Thu Ha, depression is a disease that no one can say well, she sympathizes and pity. The female MC revealed: “The sad thing is that many people stabbed their parents with deadly knives, just because of initial observations, in the name of mourning for them. It’s heartbreaking.”

Thu Ha News Editor Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because of the Case of a 16-Year-Old Boy - 5

Former member of the Wall – Tran Nhat Hoang commented to Thu Ha: “I think it’s very possible that this little one has long been in a state of psychological problems, or depression (sorry, just subjective speculation), because however negative, magical creations don’t matter. It is very easy for people to get it. there, it’s easy to say and want (to die) but very hard to do; Second, it is more dangerous, society and the Internet created a terrible distortion, the past generation is also stupid, even more stupid, but extreme or even want to seek death do not know how to do it, now too easy, dangerous deviations abound, maybe even taught, provoked online (a letter going viral on the internet is a form of incitement to deviate, too easy for any child to see).

Perceptions and things that are easily accessible are very different. Here, I think maybe the only effective way is to stay in love completely, share more, be positive and reduce the pressure of having to do this and that as I see in real life, maybe life can be better. No judgments, no mistakes, just sad because I love them so much!”

The girl who was named MC “3000 words” Thanh Thanh Huyen – Top 15 Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 also shared a dialogue from her own experience. She says: “Huyen still remembers the past when he was studying for stressful university exams, Huyen’s mother couldn’t sleep every night, I studied until 11-12 pm, and my mother urged me to sleep for fear of affecting my health. I woke up there because I regret…”

News Editor Thu Ha is heartbroken, MC Thao Van chokes on tears over the case of a 16-year-old boy - 6

MC Thanh Thanh Huyen: “May you rest in peace. The remaining 2 souls will be greatly injured”.

“However, not everyone is as lucky as Huyen, now that I think about it, I feel grateful to my parents because in addition to words of encouragement, there is also scolding but not too much, they also let Huyen study. Talented subjects I like, can lead if Huyen knows how to balance his time and not force him to be first in the second group in school, and the three always want him to be a good person, have a normal job and take care of himself. yes, but I don’t have to be a great person. Maybe to the front will be like that, if I can put my children in a good environment, that’s fine, the rest is up to my child’s strength.

In fact, every family has a different way of raising children, each of you has different learning abilities and tolerance of pressure, so Huyen just hopes that each family will truly bond and understand each other so that living together is a good thing. . May you rest in peace. The remaining 2 souls will be very painful.”he said.

Thu Ha News Editor Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because a 16-Year-Old Boy Falls from the 7th Floor

BTV News Thu Ha Broken Heart, MC Thao Van Crying Because of the Case of a 16-Year-Old Boy - 8

Several other Vietnamese stars shared about the incident such as singer Pha Le, model Hong Que, actress Ai Chau…

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