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Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world

These landmarks are not only special archaeological sites of the world, but also become tourist symbols of countries.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-1
Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Relics The world’s largest religion Angkor Wat is part of a large temple complex in Northwest Cambodia, 12 large temples and many smaller temples. With the pinnacle works of Khmer architectural style, Angkor Wat has become the symbol of Cambodia, appears on the national flag and is the country’s top tourist attraction. Photo: The Architect’s Newspaper.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-2
Taj Mahal, India: The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built in the 1600s, inlaid with ivory white marble. The grounds feature aristocratic gardens, beautiful walkways, flower beds and iconic reflecting pools. With a harmonious beauty, the Taj Mahal complex is known as a monument for eternal love. Photo: ThoughtCo.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-3
Machu Picchu, Peru: The Inca city of Machu Picchu sits atop a flattened mountaintop of the Andes. This prehistoric wonder is said to be the site of the study of astronomical elements. The site is famous for its breathtaking views and glittering granite wall ruins built without any mortar. Photo: Hand Luggage Only.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-4
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt: The list of the most famous historical monuments in the world would not be complete without mentioning the pyramids of Giza. The complex contains 6 large pyramids, several cemeteries, settlements and a palace complex that includes large Sphinxes. The pharaohs believed that they would become gods in the afterlife. So they stored a lot of wealth in the pyramids. However, even if these pyramids have lost their treasures, this place still attracts visitors with its massive and magnificent beauty. Photo: Culture Trip.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-5
Chichen Itza, Mexico: Chichén Itzá was one of the most important Maya cities in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, flourishing from 400 until the 1400s. Due to its variety of Mesoamerican (Pre-Columbian) architectural styles ) was found, which is said to have the most diverse population in the Maya world. The Great Ball Court, the Temple of the Warriors, and El Castillo are some of the most striking structures here. Photo: Pinterest.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-6
Moai Statue on Easter Island, Chile: A volcanic island with undulating hills and lush palm forests, Easter Island is famous for its hundreds of monolithic statues known as Moai. The prehistoric people of the Rapa Nui civilization carved these massive statues hundreds of years ago in memory of their ancestors. Because the Moai statues are made of stone blocks nearly 4 meters high and weigh 14 tons, no one knows how they were moved to the island. Photo: UploadBETA.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-7
Stonehenge, England: This megalithic monument is located in the heart of a Neolithic and Bronze Age site near Amesbury, England. Stonehenge consists of a circle of giant standing stones, which is one of the most mysterious historical sites in the world, as archaeologists are still trying to figure out the original purpose of the work. It is theorized that this place was used to study the movement of the Sun and Moon or used for religious purposes. Photo: Hippo Haven.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-8
Colosseum, Italy: The Colosseum is one of the largest theaters in the world with a capacity of more than 50,000 people. Tourists from all over the world come here to admire the remains of a civilization that once ruled the world. Almost two-thirds of the structure has been destroyed, however, this magnificent structure remains one of the most famous and worth visiting Roman landmarks. Photo: Road Affair.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-9
Great Wall, China: China’s greatest man-made wonder, the Great Wall of China stretches for tens of thousands of kilometers through hills and jungle. This spectacular structure took more than 500 years to build, with the main purpose of defense, against the invasion of the Mongols. Photo: Live Science.

Top 10 historical sites worth visiting in the world-10
Ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar: Traveler Visiting Bagan in the early morning or late afternoon will be admiring the wondrous sight of thousands of ancient temples and stupas silhouetted against the sky. As the capital of the ancient Pagan kingdom, there are many Buddhist temples built thousands of years ago. Photo: Travel Earth.

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