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Toyota Vietnam is about to increase the price of a series of cars, the highest is 40 million VND

The Japanese automaker said it will increase the price from May 1 with two assembled lines of Vios, Innova and 7 imported models, the highest increase of 40 million dong.

While two lines of assembled cars had the lowest increase, only 5-6 million, imported cars increased by 16-40 million. As follows:

(Raize, Yaris, Land Cruiser, Prado, Alphard lines only sell one version)

This price will apply to vehicles invoiced from May 1. Thus, customers will have one month to buy the above models at the price that has not been increased. The car models that do not increase prices next time are Wigo, Corolla Altis, Avanza Premio, Veloz Cross, Fortuner. While lines like Hilux, Rush No more cars for sale.

Toyota Vietnam explained that the price depends on many factors, based on each stage as well as the strategy of each model, which the company will adjust the price accordingly. Meanwhile, dealers explained to customers that due to the increase in the price of materials, semiconductor chips, and transportation fees, they had to increase car prices to cover costs, which meant that they did not change much of the profit margin.

Toyota Corolla Cross in Hanoi.  Photo: Minh Quan

Toyota Corolla Cross in Hanoi. Photo: Minh Quan

Some Toyota dealers in the Hanoi area have begun to suggest that customers make a deposit to pick up a car early to avoid a price increase from May 1. The new price will be applied on the invoice date, so if customers make a deposit and sign a contract in April and issue an invoice in May, they still have to accept the new price.

According to the dealer, the conditions for issuing invoices at each dealer will have different ways, but will usually apply when the customer has paid 100% of the vehicle value or with the installment customer who has paid in full and accompanied by insurance. received from the bank.

In addition to increasing the listed price, many Toyota models are also being sold by cash prices and accessories from dealers to get spot rates. The models that are required to purchase additional accessories are Raizeor channel like Veloz 50-60 million, Land Cruiser LC300 nearly 1.2 billion.

Before Toyota, Kia also increased the prices of some models due to the influence of the global supply chain. Not only increasing prices, many car manufacturers also fall into a shortage of cars due to insufficient assembly components.

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