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Visit Du Gia to wade unspoiled waterfall-Travel

Saturday, April 2, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Located on a rather remote road, but in recent years the name Du Gia has been mentioned a lot in the reviews about Ha Giang by tourists. What is so attractive about this land?

From Meo Vac to Du Gia (Yen Minh district) the total distance is nearly 80km, according to theory, it usually takes about 2 hours to travel. That’s the theory. In fact, at 3pm, we departed from Meo Vac, did not dare to linger because we did not know how 80km ahead of the road. Du Gia is a brand new place.

The first section is about 15km after leaving Meo Vac town, the road is bad with continuous potholes and bumps. I thought about the possibility that the road would be like this, maybe 7 pm to go to Du Gia. Who would have thought that just out of the area of ​​Meo Vac, there was another cumbersome road repair phase, the vehicles at both ends had to wait in line for about half an hour to clear the road.

Fortunately, after passing this section, the road gradually improved, sitting in the car did not have to bounce like a horse anymore. We joined another group, dragons and snakes led each other to Yogācāra. From here, the road stretches between immense rocks. If talking about rocks, the new Meo Vac road to Du Gia deserves to be called a rocky plateau. The stone is black and more overlapping than the direction of Dong Van. The evening road is also sad, although it is not late at night, but the ears are pale and foggy, and lonely, making people’s hearts sag. This scene would be sad to go alone.

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 1

The way back to Du Gia goes among the vast rocks and mountains

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 3

Ruins of French Fort by the roadside

Walking hard until the chickens and pigs were about to go up to the barn, the house started to catch fire to cook dinner, we were also exhausted, got out of the car with trembling feet and white faces. Stop to admire the scenery of the sky and water for a bit to allow blood to circulate, look back at the past winding road. This section is also only about 30km from Du Gia, so worry less. In fact, this route is very beautiful, there are many places to visit along the way: French Fort ruins, lonely rice flower trees, M crabs…

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 4

A moment to rest by the roadside

The most impressive to me is this beautiful rice flower road. The S-shaped road with one side is a cliff, the other side is a row of ancient rice flowers close to the edge of the abyss without passing cars. Walking under the trees, I can’t stop imagining the scene in a few days when the leaves will fall and the flower buds will bloom. And this whole road will be dyed with the red color of rice flowers – the color of flowers adorning the rocky mountains.

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 5

The most beautiful rice flower road in Du Gia

We arrived at Du Gia homestay at 6pm. Homestay is located in a village of the Tay and Mong ethnic groups. For foreign guests, Du Gia is more attractive than Dong Van, don’t believe you come to Du Gia to see, homestay has more English words than Vietnamese. The taste of Western guests prefers places that are close to the people like this, with waterfalls and pools for swimming, not just a place with a view to check-in.

It was already dark when we got here. Dinner ordered at the homestay costs 150 thousand / portion / person. Dishes include: vermicelli soup, coriander salad, boiled hill chicken and of course, a few cups of corn wine to dispel the cold.

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 6

Dinner tray at homestay

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up early to go play Du Gia waterfall. To avoid overdoing the road, it is best to ask people for directions, there are 2 ways leading to the parking lot to the waterfall, but there is no signpost.

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 7

The road to Du Gia waterfall

Du Gia Waterfall is very beautiful, wild again. We parked our motorbikes and then walked about 200m to reach the waterfall, the water is clear, you can see the bottom of the water, clean and no garbage. The waterfall is located between the corn-growing hills of the people, the water source flows out from the deep rocky ravines.

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 8

Du Gia Waterfall

Walk about 200m more to the back of the waterfall to reach a higher waterfall. The trail is a bit slippery but there are clear footprints, just follow and go up slowly. After a long road of dust and wind, sitting here leisurely listening to the murmur of water, soaking your feet in the cool water, all fatigue and worries seem to disappear.

Visit Du Gia to wade wild waterfall - 9

Leaving Du Gia, I secretly regretted that I had not had time to go to a market, had not enjoyed the specialty stream fish here, had not had time to watch the rice flowers bloom. Then see you, Du Gia another time, to sit and barbecue by the waterfall and experience all the unfinished things.

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