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Waiting for you to come – VnExpress

He was born in 1992, was born in the North, studied and grew up in Saigon.

Hello – the one I’ve been waiting for. I know the Dating column for a long time, hope this article helps us get closer together, bringing you to save my life (laughs).

He was in a relationship once. Maybe he didn’t have enough experience at that time, so he didn’t have a happy ending. Currently, he is single and gnaws on loneliness. In terms of appearance, he is 1.7 m tall, weighs 75 kg, dresses simply, has little grooming, and has a good face. He works as a technician and can fix almost all the devices in the house. So I can rest assured about electrical, air conditioning, …

He does not smoke, does not gamble, knows how to drink a little, also has many bad habits, hopes to improve in the future. He doesn’t follow any religion, only worships his ancestors. Outside of work, he often eats with friends, plays with his pet (he has a dog), sometimes plays games, surfs the web… Recently, he feels that life is quite boring, so he decides to going to find you.

About personality: he is cold outside and hot inside. At first contact, he was quite cold and only open to people he felt close to. He is honest, has before and after, has will and energy, is not good at socializing.

Hope you have fun, humor to make up for my part, stable job. I’m 1.6 m tall, it’s beautiful, dwarf mushrooms are okay (cute dwarf mushrooms). I hope you know how to love and take care of your family. All standards are meaningless if we feel the same, right?

I’m not good at writing, a few words to share, hope you can feel it and send me a letter soon. Waiting for the day you come.

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