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Which bank has the highest interest rate in April 2022?

In the first day of April, the savings interest rate schedule of many commercial banks inched slightly compared to the same period of the previous month.

For 12-month term, the highest interest rate belongs to SCB with 7%/year.

In second place are VietcapitalBank and BacAbank with the interest rate of 6.6%/year.

Followed by Oceanbank and CBBank with the interest rate of 6.55%/year, Kienlongbank, VietABank, VietBank all have the same interest rate of 6.5%/year.

Which bank has the highest interest rate in April 2022?  - first

Which bank has the highest interest rate in April 2022?

Has an interest rate lower than Techcombank (5 years), ACB (5.1%/year), MBBank, Agribank, BIDV, Vietcombank all have an interest rate of 5.5%/year,…

For 13-month term, SCB continues to be the champion in savings interest rates, with interest rates up to 7.6%/year. However, this interest rate only applies to deposits with a balance of VND 500 billion or more, with a term of 13 months.

At the beginning of April 2022, many banks have moved to increase savings interest rates.

OCB increased interest rates on online savings to 0.6% a year for 6-month term, 0.5% a year for 9-month term and 0.2% for 12-month term. In addition, NamABank, which holds the top spot in online savings interest rates, this time increased by 0.2% for a 6-month term.

With the over-the-counter channel, the bank encourages long-term deposits when most of the interest rates are increased in 6, 9 and 12 month periods. MB Bank increased the most when adding 0.4% for 12-month deposit interest rate to 5.5%. However, this bank is still ranked third in the group of banks with the lowest savings interest rates in the market.

BacABank this time increased 0.3% interest rate for 6-month deposit and 0.1% for 12-month period. From the third position, this bank is second in the counter savings interest rate in the market.

The remaining banks such as VietCapitalBank, SeABank, VIB, OCB, DongABank and Techcombank increased their savings interest rates at the counter from 0.01-0.2% a year. In which, only Techcombank, MB and DongABank increased interest rates for short-term deposit customers.

Assess interest rate trends in 2022, Vietcombank Securities Company (VCBS) believes that this year’s deposit interest rates may be flat, with a slight increase if only locally. However, upward pressure on deposit rates may appear at the end of the year, when banks usually boost lending. However, VCBS believes that this pressure, if any, will not be large.

Sharing the same view, the Analysis Center of SSI Securities Joint Stock Company believes that the deposit interest rate in 2022 is expected to increase slightly in the second half of the year by 0.2-0.25%. Differences in bank deposit balances of people and businesses and organizations economy therefore will also be improved.

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