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Why do teenagers commit suicide? 7 warning signs of danger, but few adults are aware of

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), although suicide occurs at all ages, statistics show it is the 4th leading cause of death among 15-19 year olds worldwide. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), worldwide, an average of 3,000 teenagers commit suicide every day.

On the information page of the City Children’s Hospital, psychologist Nhan Cam Nghi, Hospital Psychology Unit shared: “Negative thoughts should be a common occurrence of adults. But when they appear in children, especially under thoughts related to suicide, it is a situation the parent never expected. Parents seem to be faced with a confusing situation: “What happened to my ‘young’ child?”… Some other parents may be surprised by the child’s actions until they find out what it means. Thoughts of suicide have been in me for a long time. time.”

What are the reasons children commit suicide?

Explaining the reasons why children want to commit suicide, according to experts, in life, almost everyone faces a psychological conflict at some point, which cannot always be resolved. In particular, for children – when problem solving and adaptation skills are limited – dealing with certain difficult situations can trigger negative thinking and emotional outbursts. Encourage children to find ways to end stress by committing suicide.

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Pressure at school or being ostracized by friends can make teens think negatively. (Illustration)

Here are some scenarios that psychologists offer about the risks that can increase the likelihood of a child’s suicide:

– Psychological/mental disorders: depression, substance addiction, etc.

– Physical/emotional abuse

– Sexual harassment

– Pressure related to family: family conflict, divorce, lack of communication between parents and children, scolded by parents, family history of suicide

– School-related stress: getting bad grades, failing exams, being bullied, being teased

Pressure to meet societal expectations about normative roles and behavior

– Other losses

According to experts, these events can make children sad, disappointed, depressed, negative thoughts and lead to self-injurious behavior and choose the path of “self-liberation” while holding the baby.

7 warning signs of teen suicide risk

According to experts from the National Suicide Prevention Life Foundation, here are some signs in teens that need special attention from parents:

1. Children are no longer interested in things that used to be considered important

We all know, children can often change their interests, from chess to football, from comic books to youth music, from one idol to another… But when a child loses interest, everything: from friends, family, studies, entertainment past interests…needs more attention.

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Giving your child proper attention and talking regularly can help parents recognize the warning signs early on. (Illustration)

2. Express despair about the future

The child’s learning outcomes suddenly drop, the child shows boredom or avoids answering when asked about future plans… it could be a sign that the child has an unstable heart.

3. Children are more concerned with death

Children may often ask about how their loved ones and acquaintances have left their lives. Stories about death seem to always attract children’s attention. That’s probably what the child is trying to do.

4. Children are closed off, separating themselves from everyone around

If you haven’t spoken to your children in a long time, when you come home, each family member has space and a device, it can be difficult for parents to recognize this difference.

5. Children experience symptoms of depression such as: Or angry; Often feels, even openly, worthless; Sadness for no apparent reason; Changes in sleeping and eating habits; Feeling tired all the time…

6. Children who use drugs or alcohol

Don’t think of this as a rebellious stage for your child. Your child may be trying to hide the pain, so take the time to investigate.

7. Children lose focus, often make mistakes

Many parents who see their child showing this expression often just scold their child for being lazy, clumsy, etc., without knowing that it may be the result of the child having problems with stress, anxiety, or thinking about the problem, committing suicide.

Also, share with newspapers live healthDr Ngo Anh Vinh, Deputy Head of National Children’s Hospital Adolescent Health Department, said if a child has any of the following suspicious signs, parents need to pay attention and take the time to know the child’s thoughts and aspirations. for prevention and early intervention:

– Children always complain of being bored, feeling guilty, ugly and useless.

– Children have messages to advise or say goodbye to close friends.

– The child intends to store or hide items for suicide such as: hoarding sleeping pills, preparing ropes, knives, etc.

According to experts, understanding the warning signs will help parents find ways to solve and prevent them in time, avoiding unfavorable consequences.

Psychologist Nhan Cam Nghi said that positive relationships and support from family and society play an important role in protecting children from the “suicide” virus. The strong bond between parent and child creates a sense of security and is the basis for the child to develop a sense of self-worth: “I am not alone” “I deserve love from my parents, and those around me”… In addition, developing relationships being good with school and friends helps strengthen children’s external resources and inner self-confidence.

In addition, parents and teachers can support children in the education of problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, and environmental adaptation to prevent and respond to difficult situations. A reasonable lifestyle, a balance between body and mind can help children have a healthy life experience and a positive view of themselves and those around them.

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