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Zhang Yimou’s son accepted to Yale University

Zhang Yiming, the second son of Chinese director Zhang Yimou, entered Yale University.

On his personal page on April 2, Tran Dinh, the director’s wife, revealed that her son had been accepted into seven universities, including Yale (USA). She posted photos of letters sent by schools to Truong Nhat Dinh, including where a scholarship of $20,000 per year is awarded. Tran Dinh has not revealed which school his son chooses to attend. Tran Dinh writes that his son’s study results are the best birthday present for Truong Nghe Mau (April 2).

Truong Nhat Dinh and Tran Dinh.  Photo: Weibo/Chen Ting

Truong Nhat Dinh and Tran Dinh. Photo: Weibo/Chen Ting

According to Sina, Truong Nhat Dinh came to the US at the age of 15, living independently, outstanding academic achievements since childhood. Nhat Dinh celebrated his 18th birthday on March 8, at that time Tran Dinh wrote on his personal page: “Thanks 18 years ago, life gave his parents a warm like sunshine. Thank you to those who care, only guide you on the path of life, take with you good wishes to enter a new journey.”

Yale University is located in New Heaven, Connecticut, founded in 1701 and is one of the oldest universities in the United States. In addition to the reputation of training, the large and beautiful campus is also a factor that helps Yale University attract tens of thousands of students to apply each year. Many famous people have studied at Yale, including 5 US presidents, William Howard Taft, Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Zhang Yimou and his wife and three children.  Photo: Weibo/Chen Ting

Zhang Yimou and his wife and three children. Photo: Weibo/Chen Ting

Tran Dinh and Truong Nghiem were together for many years before secretly registering their marriage in 2011, the couple had three children. In 2013, they fined 7.5 million yuan (27 billion dong) for violating China’s one-child policy (this policy was abolished at the end of 2015). According to SohuSince marrying Truong Nghe Mau, Tran Dinh has nurtured her family and taught her children so that her husband can focus on work.

The couple’s eldest child – Truong Nhat Nam – from a young age followed his father to study photography and videography. When he was in high school, Truong Nhat Nam completed his first short film. After graduating from university in 2019, Nhat Nam worked as an assistant to Zhang Yimou, and worked with him in films Huyen chew chi upper, No image, One second. Zhang Yimou’s youngest daughter – Truong Nhat Kieu – is 12 years old this year, has a talent for painting, playing the piano, writing calligraphy, and dancing ballet. Nhat Kieu has released two comic books.

Zhang Yimou has a daughter, Truong Mat, with his ex-wife, 39 years old this year. Truong Mo graduated from Columbia University (USA) in Architecture, and New York University with a degree in Directing. In 2010, she worked as an assistant director and editor of the film Hawthorn tree love story. Last year movie Sniper which father and son co-directed in Chinese theaters, earning nearly 600 million yuan (more than 94 million USD).

Zhang Yimou colors

Visual effects in Zhang Yimou’s films. Video: Bilibili

Zhang Yimou, 72 years old, is known as the “National Master of Chinese Cinema”, having made many internationally famous works such as: Red Sorghum, Cuc Dau, Hero, Ten Faces ambush… Last year, he served as the general director of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which took place in Beijing.

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