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“2 pain – 2 itching” is an early sign of liver cancer, very easy to mistake

Liver cancer is the 6th most common cancer worldwide, with 782,000 people diagnosed each year. The cause of the disease is currently unknown, but most often comes from chronic liver diseaseobesity or external environmental factors such as alcohol abuse, tobacco…

Liver cancer in its early stages is often difficult to detect. Most patients come to the doctor when the disease has progressed to a late stage, making it difficult to treat. However, according to experts, liver cancer patients often have “2 pain – 2 itching” which is extremely uncomfortable.

People who are about to have liver cancer often have

Liver cancer progresses silently, by the time it is detected, it is often at an advanced stage.

“2 pain” includes

– Pain in the upper right abdomen

This location is the liver area, once a malignant tumor has appeared, it will create pain. The pain in this area can be dull or writhing, throbbing in the back. Sometimes this area is also mildly painful to the touch, or bloated after eating.

If the tumor is getting bigger and bigger, the patient can still feel the outside with his hand. Also because of the pain, the body is also tired, sluggish, exhausted … even though not doing anything hard. If this condition persists, you need to see a specialist right away.

People who are about to have liver cancer often have

The upper right abdomen is the location of the liver, if pain here means liver disease.

– Right shoulder pain

Shoulder fatigue and pain are often symptoms after you work hard or sit in the wrong position. But in certain cases, it is a symptom of liver cancer that everyone ignores. Especially if you only have pain in the right shoulder area, then most likely, you have a liver problem.

According to experts, when the tumor Liver Cancer development, the nerves under the diaphragm will be strongly compressed. While they are connected to the nerve in the right shoulder, leading to sharp pain when infected. If you have this sign, you absolutely must not exercise vigorously until the exact cause is known.

People who are about to have liver cancer often have

Shoulder pain is not necessarily caused by vigorous exercise, it can be related to liver cancer.

“2 itch” includes

– Itchy skin

If your skin has an itchy rash that does not go away despite using specific dermatological medications, be careful not to ignore the signs of liver cancer. The cause of itching is because at this time, the liver has been damaged, causing bile acids to be deposited in the skin and stimulate the receptors of the sensory nerves, causing severe itching.

Besides, the liver cancer tumor has pressed on the bile duct, making the skin yellow and itchy all day. Not to mention continuous itchy skin is also a sign of many other diseases such as pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, gallbladder cancer, skin cancer… So you have to go to the doctor right away when you have a long-term itch for no apparent reason.

People who are about to have liver cancer often have

Itchy skin is a common sign of many diseases, including cancer.

– Itchy eyes

Eyes can accurately reflect abnormalities in the body, but few people pay attention. Accordingly, when the liver is weakened by a malignant tumor, the liver will not receive the necessary amount of blood to detoxify, making the eyes susceptible to infection and swelling.

Besides, some people also experience dry eyes, itchy eyes like looking directly into the sun. This symptom is exactly the same after you work on an electronic device for a long time, causing many people to ignore it.

People who are about to have liver cancer often have

If itchy eyes do not go away for many days, see a doctor immediately to find out the cause.

What to eat to prevent liver cancer?

Liver cancer is a scary disease among cancers because it progresses silently, until it is discovered, the disease is already in the final stage. Therefore, we need to prevent it now by changing our living habits, especially by improving our diet. As follows:

– To prevent liver cancer and other diseases, you need to eat cooked and drink boiling water, ensure food safety and hygiene every day.

– Daily meals need to have enough energy with 4 food groups: protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk…), fat (animal fat, vegetable oil…), carbohydrates (all kinds of food) cereals…) and green vegetables and fruits.

People who are about to have liver cancer often have

Green vegetables are always a medicine for health, everyone should eat a lot every day.

– Do not eat moldy or moldy prepared foods because they contain aflatoxin – a powerful liver cancer-causing toxin. If you think you have to throw it away, don’t regret it.

– Limit eating foods that are grilled, roasted, or fried at high temperatures because they are easy to produce cancer-causing toxins.

– Do not drink alcohol, smoke a lot and exercise more. If possible, go for regular health check-ups to detect diseases early.

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