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A Vietnamese woman in Canada tells a strange story when she goes to the market on Sunday

Going to the market, going to the supermarket to buy food and essential supplies is not a personal matter and is what people call “daily work”. However, there are many families to save time, effort and scientific spending, housewives usually only go to the market/supermarket once but buy enough food for a whole week. And the time that they choose is the Sunday of the week because that day is off work, leisurely shopping without having to compete in the evenings of the weekdays.

Besides, in the psychology of most people, the weekend (especially Sunday) is the right time to go shopping, or even let your children go to the mall to have fun and buy together. shop.

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Going to the market, supermarket on the weekend is “prepared” and nothing more!

Therefore, on weekends, supermarkets and trade centers are sometimes open until late to serve everyone’s needs.

However, recently, a Vietnamese woman, currently living with her husband in Canada, shared an extremely strange story in the place where she lives. The video, shared on TikTok channel @janemike06 (Western Vietnamese couple), has attracted up to 2 million views, more than 84,000 likes.

In the video, she said: “In Canada, I’ve never gone to the market on Sunday. Suddenly, I got excited that day, Sunday asked my husband to take me to the supermarket to buy this and that. Before that, I didn’t know, because it was the first time. go to the market on Sunday.

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When I got there, he left me to buy some groceries, so I had to walk to Walmart (famous supermarket chain). When I was walking, I saw this empty parking lot. I’m also glad because I think it’s nice to go to the supermarket on Sunday, there are few people, it’s less crowded, next time just go on Sunday. Who would have thought, when I got there, the supermarket was closed.

The staff member told me: ‘Sister, Sunday is my side that closes at 6 o’clock’. God, I had to call my husband back to pick me up. Here, on Sunday, the mall or supermarket closes every 5 o’clock. It’s as if they don’t need guests! It’s not like Vietnam’s Saigon, it’s full of people every weekend, and it’s open until late at night. There’s no such thing here!”.

Vietnamese woman in Canada tells

The parking lot is empty.

Indeed, this Sunday market story makes many people feel extremely surprised, even strange as if it was only on another planet.

Responding to a netizen’s comment, the woman said: “I think here on Sunday everyone goes to church, so very few people go to the supermarket on Sunday. So they close early, my husband said.”

Vietnamese woman in Canada tells

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