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After more than 10 years of marriage, just one massage lit the couple’s sex fire

One day, Nguyen Thi Hoan’s husband (Hai Phong) came home from work tired, munched on a bowl of rice and immediately went to bed. Hoan sighed because this time her husband was busy with work, the couple was young, but for almost 2 months now, the fire of sex seems to have been extinguished. If you don’t want to, then you don’t want to bother your husband.

Hoan cleaned up, then sent the kids to study, then went to sleep. Then gently went to the bedroom. She is surprised to see him lying with his eyes fixed on the ceiling, so he asks why he is so tired that he is not sleeping. He complained of being tired but couldn’t sleep, so he was more tired, then asked for a massage to relieve the pain.

After more than 10 years of marriage, only one massage ignites a couple's sex fires - 1

Massage helps couples awaken the warm fire of love. Illustration.

Hoan was not happy, but he also helped his husband massage his back. Unexpectedly, the more he did it, the more he said that he felt relieved and free of pain, which made him feel happy. So while having a massage, the couple chatted and hugged each other very happily.

The next day and the next day, she also actively asked him to help her with homework, taught her children to study so that the couple could rest early, relaxing massage.

Seeing her husband enjoying the massage, but if he did it spontaneously, it wouldn’t work, soon his husband would be bored, so Hoan asked his best friend, who is a spa shop owner, to guide him “a few basic lines” to help her husband. tired, also to take care of her husband.

Her best friend blames her for “why did you learn the secret of keeping a sex fire alive so late” and graciously points out Hoan’s simplest steps to getting back into the night, getting her husband drunk again.

He also said, after more than 10 years of marriage, this evening massage will light the fire of a couple’s sex.

That night in the love room, Ms Hoan took the bed sheet, 2 pillows, massage oil… then turned on the soft love guitar, turned off the light, leaving only the sparkling scented candles on the table. Her husband was a bit surprised at first, but let him do it.

Ms. Hoan applied a few drops of essential oil to her palms – these oils helped her hands glide over her skin to warm, creating a relaxed and comfortable feeling for her husband.

First, she stroked all over the shins, calves, and feet, using her thumbs to gently massage the muscles in the skin, massaging both feet, heels, ankles and gently pulling and rubbing each of her husband’s toes.

Then, he uses both hands to slide along the back 2-3 times (avoiding the spine area), while doing this, ask where the pain is, then use his thumb with the back of his hand to twist, rub and squeeze the sore muscle area. moments later released.

After more than 10 years of marriage, only one massage ignited the couple's sex fire - 2

Not every massage is sex, but the fire of love helps couples cuddle and whisper on the pillow. Illustration.

Then he used his fingers to smooth it horizontally from the middle of his back to the side with moderate force so as not to hurt him. And finally, he rubbed his hands alternately from under his back to his shoulders. One hand then the other, rubbing and moving up alternately.

And now he stroked his arm around her wrist a few times. In the palms, massage and gently squeeze each finger – these movements help her husband reduce pain in the hands.

On the head and neck, he used his middle and index fingers to rub his forehead. Press lightly on the top of the forehead and then down the temples. Here, do a circular motion, to help relieve headaches. Then continue to run your fingers through the hair and massage, massaging the entire scalp, massage the back of the neck and neck…

The massage technique at home is very simple, but Mrs. Hoan surprised her husband and after each massage, the “love” also burned strongly, making husband and wife sublime, married life changed. .

Ms Hoan shared, have two children, the couple’s relationship has faded, there are busy events for a whole month, the couple is not close to each other. From the day he got the massage until now, his husband would come home every night after work, help his wife with the housework and the children, and soon be able to lie in bed to care for, pamper, and wake his wife. up everyone’s senses to enjoy the pleasures of husband and wife.

But not every time you have to have “sex” after each massage, but the fire of love helps couples to whisper softly on the pillow, enjoying sweet and happy moments together.

Hoan himself did not expect massage to be such a great way to help the indifferent relationship between husband and wife suddenly warm up again, anything can be said on the pillow like when the couple was young.

Hoan’s mother found that going out to cook delicious food, make warm meals, massage and chat with husband and wife are the best ways for two people to relieve fatigue, recover health quickly, and also help them both to love each other. each other more.

But massaging, learning massage, or self-study online is not a good way, but you need to learn basic massage techniques to adjust, help balance the body, and then get excited.

At the same time, women need to equip themselves with more marital knowledge and learn great tricks in “sex” so that massage can really help couples have a sublime, happy and warm married life.

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