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Beware of 3 silent signs of syphilis-Life Health

Sunday, April 3, 2022 16:01 PM (GMT+7)

Syphilis can affect the function of various organs and tissues in the body.

Syphilis is very harmful to the body, causing hormonal imbalance and destroying the normal functioning of various organs. When syphilis invades the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and central nervous systems, it can lead to severe mental disorders and even death. For pregnant women with the disease, which can easily lead to miscarriage, pregnant women also transmit the disease to young children.

Syphilis can be transmitted in two ways: mother-to-child and sexual transmission. This disease is latent in the body and is not easily detected in the early stages. When it comes to the serious stage, the treatment is very complicated, so we need to pay attention to the abnormal manifestations of the body to have the most accurate diagnosis.

1. Rash under the skin

Beware of 3 silent signs of syphilis - 1

When syphilis develops for a certain period of time, it will appear on the skin, causing itching, discomfort, and damage to the skin and mucous membranes. On the surface of the skin, some rashes will appear, and the skin and mucous membranes in the mouth and throat are also damaged, leading to heat and redness. At this time, the hole caused by syphilis will gradually reveal and invade other areas of the body.

2. Body numbness

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Syphilis is a very contagious sexually transmitted disease, after being infected with syphilis spirochetes, the body will be numb because after infection, the blood temperature is affected, leading to the transmission of the system. neurological decline. If you feel constant numbness all over your body, it could be a symptom of syphilis.

3. Itching in the intimate area

Be careful with 3 silent signs of syphilis - 3

The main route of transmission of syphilis is through sexual contact. After living, if you do not pay attention to clean hygiene, it is very easy to be infected with syphilis spirochetes, causing skin damage in some places. At this time, the reproductive organs have many abnormal changes, uncomfortable itching, even sores.

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