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China has a long-term plan to reduce its dependence on petroleum

Thai Binh (Resident of Vietnam Television Station in China)Sunday, April 3, 2022 09:06 GMT+7


One of the topics that many newspapers are interested in is gas price oil spiked. In Beijing, the price of gasoline is 928.74 yuan/liter, about more than 32,000 VND. According to calculations, a 50-liter car to fill the tank must cost an additional 4.5 yuan, or nearly 17,000 VND for the price increase at the end of this March.

Six consecutive increases in gasoline prices since the beginning of the year have pushed gasoline prices in China to the highest level in nine years.

At the national and local level, China is also actively developing long-term plans to gradually reduce dependence on petroleum and follow the Government’s green economic orientation.

In early April, the Beijing city government launched the 14th Five-Year Development Plan (2021-2025), with the goal of reducing fuel consumption by 20% compared to the present.

At the national level, China strengthens its energy security and is self-sufficient in gasoline and oil production. Increase the rate of use of wind and solar energy to 12.2%. Accelerating equipment installation rooftop solar power by lowering installation costs, giving money to the poor to install.

In 2021, rooftop solar power devices provided up to 27.3 gigawatts. China’s National Development and Reform Commission has set a target that by 2025, 50% of new construction will have to install solar panels on the building.

Not only is the world leading in the use of electric vehicles, but recently the country has also put into commercial operation a large battery-powered cruise ship – a breakthrough in the field of battery-powered navigation.

Accordingly, the ship Truong Giang – Three Gorges 1 is invested 23 million USD by China Yangtze Power. The ship carries 1300 visitors along the Yangtze River, runs entirely on batteries, with a capacity of 7500 kilowatts/h. One charge can run 100 km.

The train is equipped with an automatic control system and an intelligent power management system. Marks an important milestone when encroaching from land transport to green, low carbon water transport.

CATL Company (TQ) is the supplier of batteries for this train and is also the world’s leading supplier of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, phones and cameras.

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