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Coach Rangnick’s future at Man Utd is at stake

Man Utd enter the competition with Leicester City with the task of winning to raise hopes of winning tickets to the Champions League, but again, coach Ralf Rangnick’s team disappointed. “Red Devils” let the opponent hold a 1-1 draw, thereby the distance with Arsenal only temporarily shortened and 4 to 3 points, while Man Utd played more than 2 matches.

Target has a kick rate Champions League Next season is Man Utd’s last lifeline this season, after the red half of Manchester was eliminated by Middlesbrough in the FA Cup and stopped in the 1/8 round of the Champions League.

Coach Rangnick was brought back to rebuild the “Red Devils”, but at this point, the German leader’s Man Utd no longer hopes to win any tournament and is in danger of having to play in the Europa League next season.

The future of coach Rangnick at Man Utd is threatened - 1

Coach Rangnick and Man Utd are losing their way.

Coach Rangnick’s contract with Man Utd has a term of 2.5 years, with 6 months of interim training and 2 years as a senior consultant.

This is Rangnick’s role at RB Salzburg, RB Leipzig and Lokomotiv Moscow before, but the pressure at Man Utd is very different. According to the British press, Rangnick could be sacked if Man Utd drops the ticket to the Champions League this season.

After the Leicester draw, coach Rangnick refused to share about the future. However, the former Schalke 04 coach partly revealed his role at Man Utd when he had no say in recruiting a new coach for Man Utd.

My future at Man Utd is relatively clear. I talked to the club management. I can only say so. Looking for a new coach for Man Utd? I’m not the one for you to ask this question. The club management is talking to some potential candidates, I can’t interfere“, coach Rangnick emphasized.

Expert Paul Merson’s Sky Sports Once affirmed, Man Utd should boldly fire coach Rangnick, because the German expert could not prove his work efficiency.

The future of coach Rangnick at Man Utd is threatened - 2

Man Utd is 3 points behind the Champions League group but has played 2 more matches.

Coach Rangnick will not lead Man Utd next season. I read a certain article that they have made progress. I do not see it. I don’t see happiness there. I hear a lot of bad things about Man Utd. This has never happened before and that was my concern.

Given what’s going on, in the context that Man Utd may not be in the top 4, I would be shocked if he (Rangnick) is brought to the top. I know that’s part of the deal, but I don’t think it’s right. I think Man Utd need to fix this problem soon before it’s too late.

There’s a lot more work to be done than waiting until next season and bringing in a new coach. They are millions of miles away from the other teams and things have to change very quickly“, assessed Merson.

Man Utd interviewed Ajax Amsterdam coach Erik Ten Hag, one of the most potential candidates for the “captain” seat of the club next season.

The Old Trafford team also targeted Mauricio Pochettino – a strategist who was personally persuaded by Sir Alex Ferguson to invite him to lead the Old Trafford team. However, it is not known whether these are the coaches advised by Rangnick, or the ideas of the Man Utd leadership.

The future of coach Rangnick at Man Utd is threatened - 3

Coach Erik Ten Hag is targeted.

It is almost certain that Rangnick will not coach Man Utd next season, but whether the German military leader can be trusted as an advisor or not depends on the direction of the leadership and the new coach.

According to Daily MailMany Man Utd players are dissatisfied with coach Rangnick because of his rigid and outdated coaching style. The temporary position also makes the German military leader not reputable in the eyes of his students. Combined with the poor performance in recent times when being eliminated in two cup tournaments and losing in the English Premier League, coach Rangnick is not easy to revive the “Red Devils” in the remaining 8 matches.

In the event that Man Utd cannot win tickets to the Champions League, it is likely that Rangnick will have to leave Old Trafford. The 63-year-old strategist wants a long-term strategy, but Man Utd does not seem to be a team patient enough to tolerate his consecutive failures in recent times.

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