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Concrete made from old tires

AustraliaCrushed old tires can partially replace the sand used in concrete, creating a new material that is lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Concrete can be made by crushing old rubber tires.  Photo: Depositphotos

Concrete can be made by crushing old rubber tires. Photo: Depositphotos

With a large carbon footprint, concrete is a prime target for researchers looking to develop greener building materials for the future. Some previous research has shown that old rubber tires can be used to create versions of concrete that are stronger, more heat-resistant and flexible enough to be used as a road material.

In a new study published in the journal Structuresa team of experts at the University of South Australia and RMIT University Melbourne evaluated the value of shredded rubber concrete made from old tires in a real-world environment by using them as a building material and monitoring for several years, New Atlas reported on March 31. The results show that it has many advantages over traditional concrete.

To produce crumb rubber concrete, rubber tires are crushed into small pieces similar to sand. This debris can partially replace sand and mix with cement, water and other ingredients to form concrete, helping to reduce dependence on natural materials and bring new value to discarded rubber.

In 2018, the team used two shredded rubber reinforced concrete slabs at the University of South Australia campus along with two plain concrete slabs. They form the entrance to a civil engineering laboratory, where many people pass. The team also closely tracks the material over time.

“We found that reinforced concrete (with a sand displacement volume of up to 20%) outperformed conventional concrete in several points such as higher impact resistance and toughness, higher damping ratio, better heat and sound insulation, lighter weight,” said Dr. Osama Youssf, a member of the research team.

“With pumping, rolling or finishing the concrete surface by electric trowel, builders also report that there is no difference when using crushed rubber concrete and normal concrete, even rubber mixtures. crumbs require less effort,” Youssf added.

Factors such as impact resistance and toughness signal that concrete has a good lifespan. This is a great concern of scientists studying this field. The manufacturing process of concrete emits a lot of carbon, so its cracking, deterioration or damage and needing to be replaced puts additional pressure on the environment. So there are many benefits to creating more durable concretes, while also reusing old, non-biodegradable tires.

“The results clearly show that shredded rubber concrete is a viable and promising alternative to traditional concrete in the residential concrete market. We strongly encourage the concrete industry to consider concrete Shredded rubber cardboard is a sustainable alternative to the traditional type in construction sites in Australia,” said Professor Yan Zhuge, a member of the research team.

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