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Criticizing President Joe Biden again, Trump praised Putin

According to Bloomberg, Trump criticized President Biden about gasoline prices, inflation and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and repeated accusations of “election fraud” during the two-year race for the White House. prior to.

Mr. Trump’s speech received a standing ovation from about 5,000 people inside the Michigan Stars Sports Center arena and thousands of other supporters outside the arena.

Trump’s “wavering” speech took place in the context of the US entering the midterm elections in November 2022.

The trips and speeches of the former president born in 1946 are aimed at seeking support from voters in the upcoming Republican-Democratic race of Mr. Biden.

The 76-year-old former president also announced to supporters in Michigan that he would win back support in the state from incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“Despite supporting many candidates for different positions, Trump has not endorsed James Craig, who is currently leading the race to challenge Ms. Whitmer for the position of governor of Michigan,” Bloomberg revealed. James Craig, 66, once served as Detroit police chief, recently led the poll for the Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate.

Mr. Donald Trump also recently hinted that he may run for re-election for US president in 2024. “Does anyone here want to see me running?” – he asked before the crowd in another speech.

The former US president called Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine “outrageous” but suddenly praised President Vladimir Putin is “genius” and “very knowledgeable”.

“The Russia-Ukraine conflict would never have happened if I was in the White House,” Trump said, claiming he understood Russian President Vladimir Putin very well.

A recent poll shows that Mr. Trump is still very popular with Republicans in US states.

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