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Discover McLaren’s Supercars Series of performance cars

Currently, the Supercars Series includes models: 720S, 720S Spider, 765LT, 765LT Spider and Artura.

Referring to McLaren Automotive, we all quickly think of fast machines with the most modern technology from Formula 1 racing. After a successful comeback with the McLaren 12C model, McLaren has proved its direction. go right when applying technologies from the most prestigious race on the planet to commercial vehicle designs.

In 2014, McLaren continued its foray into the high-performance car market with the launch of the 650S. This is also the first model in the Supercars segment (formerly known as the Super Series). McLaren 650S is influenced by the design language from “elder” McLaren P1 and many technologies that have appeared on McLaren 12C.

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 1

McLaren 650S

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 2

McLaren 650S Spider

McLaren 650S – a high-performance car with a monolithic cockpit made entirely of carbon fiber. This structure is machined by Carbo Tech, a unit specializing in the implementation of parts according to aerospace industry standards. At the same time, this is the first model that McLaren has agreed on a new name – with “650” indicating maximum power, and “S” standing for Sport – the sport version.

More specifically, the British automaker has “revived” the special design LT (Longtail) with the limited edition McLaren 675LT. McLaren 675LT has become a “must have” model of famous car collectors, when the number is limited to only 500 units in the world.

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 3

McLaren 675LT

Along with that, in honor of founder Bruce McLaren and the successes of the racing team, McLaren Automotive quickly launched more attractive limited editions such as the 650S Le Mans, 650S Can-Am, 675LT Spider Carbon Series, MSO HS, the world’s most exclusive MSO R Coupe and MSO R Spider…

The second generation of the Supercars line – the McLaren 720S, was first launched in early 2017. With the experience from the “elder” 650S, the McLaren 720S is like a revolution in design and technology, when the owns up to 91% of the components are independently developed. The car is equipped with a completely new generation of V8 M840T engine, with the ProActive Chassis Control II chassis control system, which weighs about 16 kg less than the 650S.

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 4

McLaren 720S

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 5

McLaren 720S

The carbon fiber monocoque structure has been upgraded with the name MonoCage II. Compared to the first generation on the P1, the MonoCage II is up to 18 kg lighter, but offers many advantages such as a spacious door structure, allowing the driver to easily move in and out, less complexity and offers better visibility.

To serve the convertible version of 720S Spider, McLaren continues to introduce the Monocage II-S structure made of carbon fiber, in addition to the RHT electric roof opening system. The total weight of the 720S Spider is only 1,332 kg, 9 kg lighter than the elder 650S Spider. The power/weight ratio of the 720S Spider is up to 540 hp/ton – a golden ratio that high-performance car brands are pursuing.

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 6

McLaren 720S Spider

McLaren launched the 765LT high-performance version with a limited number of 765 coupe versions and 765 convertible versions. The best from the F1 GTR Longtail is now available on the 765LT: Optimized aerodynamics, enhanced handling, refined weight reduction, increased responsiveness and uniqueness.

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 7

McLaren 765LT

Based on the 720S platform, McLaren continues to upgrade to produce super fast products such as: McLaren Senna, McLaren Saber, McLaren Speedtail, and its first grand tourer – McLaren GT.

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 8

McLaren 765LT Spider

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 9

The newest member of the Supercars Series, the Artura, marks a new development for McLaren Automotive in the electrified age. More specifically, this is the first high-performance car using hybrid technology in the Supercars Series.

For the first time, McLaren launched a car line using a V6 engine layout or for the traditional V8 engine generation. Smoothly combined with this detail is the electric motor arranged inside the gearbox compartment. To meet the strict requirements in terms of mass, McLaren has launched an all-new lightweight carbon fiber construction (MCLA) – including a compact electric motor system and reduced wiring, giving the Artura a Minimum dry weight is only 1,395 kg.

Discover McLaren's Supercars Series of high-performance cars - 10

McLaren Artura

Discover McLaren's high-performance Supercars Series - 11

It can be said that the Supercars Series collection is more than just 4-wheel machines. Each car has its own story; at the same time contains the desire to dare to overcome the limits of creativity. It is the intersection of Bruce McLaren’s never-ending speed and technological pioneering in manufacturing car modern.

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