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Donald Trump’s social network is likened to a ‘ghost town’

A week of using Truth Social shows that this social network has many subscribers, but very little interaction and mainly bot activity.

Once available on the app store for devices Iphone and iPad On February 21, Truth Social immediately rose number one in the free apps category in the US, the first market this social network was launched.

Rosie Bradbury’s pen Business Insider downloaded the app and created an account on launch day, but got a waiting message with serial number 157.120. It was not until three weeks later that Bradbury could be used.

The Truth Social app is available on the App Store.

The Truth Social app is available on the App Store.

There are already signs that Truth Social is a “bomb” on the App Store. The number of downloads and usage time have continuously decreased since launch date. It quickly lost the number one spot and is currently at number 173 in the free apps category in the US.

Part of the reason is due to the long waiting list, causing interested people to wait for weeks to be able to access the social network created by former US president Donald Trump. Besides, there is the absence of a series of factors that help retain users.

Not much content

After completing the account setup, Bradbury was presented with a list of 50 notable accounts. The first is Mr. Trump’s account with 823,000 followers and hosts Fox News Sean Hannity. Besides that are meme accounts like “Cats with Jobs” (38,000 followers) and “Hot Chicks Golfing” (61,000 people), as well as the official NASA account.

After clicking subscribe, Bradbury’s news feed began to fill with articles, but with very little original content. Mostly links to websites are automatically generated by RSS feeds. There are only a few news sites on Truth Social, big news outlets like CNN, NBC, NY Times and Wall Street Journal do not appear. Fox Newsonce Trump’s favorite news site, is also not on the platform.

Big theme without much interaction

Users can search for topics by hashtags, but most hashtags don’t attract many people. For example, only 1,320 people used the hashtag #Ukraine, in reference to Russia’s military campaign in the country.

Messaging is not working

Truth Social’s user interface is quite similar to Twitter’s, but with many gaps. Users can like and reply to posts, but cannot comment on quotes like Twitter. They can also block other people’s posts.

Direct messaging is not working yet.  Photo: Business Insider.

Direct messaging is not working yet. Photo: Business Insider.

Direct messaging is not enabled. This network also has a user authentication service with a red confirmation mark, but very few accounts are marked. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin also appears to be on Truth Social with 5,010 followers, but her account has not been verified.

Donald Trump just posted an article

Even the most ardent supporter of Truth Social like Trump is very inactive. He just posted an article from the end of February with the content: “Get ready! Your favorite president will appear soon”.

If Trump posts often, it’s unlikely he’ll have the same level of engagement as he did on Twitter before he was banned. As of April 1, he has only 823,000 followers on Truth Social, a fraction of the more than 88 million on Twitter at the beginning of January 2021.

The app is flooded with bots

Truth Social is considered a place for conservatives in America. However, much of the activity is now generated by bots. Many of the comments under Trump’s post are cryptocurrency ads, while the most popular hashtags all lead to auto-generated posts.

“It’s like a ghost town and flooded with posting bots,” Bradbury concluded.

Truth Social is built in imitation of Twitter – former favorite background of former US President Donald Trump. He has been banned from many social networks since early 2021, accusing him of inciting violence after the riots on Capitol Hill. Truth Social was announced by Trump Media&Technology Group (TMTG) late last year and has been deployed since the end of February. Before being blocked by Twitter, Donald Trump had 89 million followers and continuously used this social network. to make judgments or criticize opponents.

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