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Endured being the Crown Prince for 20 years, finally ascended the throne for 1 month

In its 276 years of existence, the Ming Dynasty had a total of 16 emperors enthroned. In terms of reign, the longest and shortest person to the throne is a father and son pair. Emperor Wanli sat firmly on the throne for 48 years, but his son, Emperor Taichang Zhou Changleo, who held the throne for less than a month, passed away.


Although his reign was very short, Chu Thuong Lac left a special legend for posterity. Accordingly, he is related to one of the “three great cases” of the Ming Dynasty that have not been solved, Hong Hoan An (red pill).

Minh Quang Tong Chu Thuong Lac, alias Thai Xuong, the 15th Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, reigned for only one month. Zhou Changle was the eldest son of Emperor Wanli, but Emperor Wan Li did not like this eldest son. He repeatedly wanted to depose the Crown Prince and establish Phuc Vuong, and Chu Thuong Tuan replaced him, but he encountered obstacles and advice from a group of ministers, this continued for 20 years. In the end, there was no other way, Emperor Wan Li could only reluctantly acknowledge Zhou Changle as his successor.

Chu Thuong Lac endured until he was 39 years old, when Emperor Van Lich died, he returned to Tay Thien. Finally, this day has come, Zhou Changleo doesn’t want to live in his father’s shadow anymore. But it was precisely at that time that the country’s resources and manpower were dwindling because of the three previous expeditions of Emperor Wanli, plus the rapid growth of Manchuria made that period more difficult. ever.

Chu Thuong Lac originally wanted to become a master who saved history books, stayed up early to critique chapters, and brought the Ming dynasty back to its former glory.


As we all know, the emperor must come into contact with many concubines and maidens as beautiful as flowers every day, few have reason to resist the temptation that keeps appearing in front of them.

But Chu Thuong Lac’s nature was to be greedy. During his time as Crown Prince, every day he suppressed his true nature, not daring to expose it. But when he became Emperor, he was the “Nine Five Supreme” throne that did not need to be afraid of anyone.

To make up for his repressed past, Chu Thuong Lac began to “learn from” his grandfather Minh Muc Tong – Emperor Long Khanh, singing and dancing, having fun day and night. But concubine Trinh Quy (Queen of Minh Than Tong Van Lich Emperor) “has a man’s mouth, a dagger’s belly” and “adds fuel to the fire”, giving Chu Thuong Lac 8 beauties.

Chu Thuong Lac’s health is weak and easy to get sick. During the day he was busy handling the official case, at night he still had to work hard with the beauties in the spring and green, not long after this middle-aged man’s body was exhausted and exhausted, he was seriously ill and could not get up.


At this moment, the great minister Ly Kha Chuoc again gave Chu Thuong Lac a red pill. Chu Thuong Lac fell into the dead end, regardless of the doctor’s advice, taking 2 pills a day, the medicine was too strong, leading to the Emperor who ascended the throne less than a month ago, he had to die while “enjoying” with beauty. female.

A country cannot be without a king one day, so two brothers, Chu Do Giao and Chu Do Kiem, successively ascended the throne, but could not save the Ming dynasty, which had come to the brink of destruction. In 1644, Ly Tu Thanh invaded Beijing, officially ending the history of the Ming Dynasty.

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