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Exam schedule for 10th grade at specialized high schools in Hanoi

In the school year 2022-2023, in Hanoi city, there are 4 gifted high schools and high schools with specialized classes, including: Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Nguyen Hue High School for the Gifted, Chu Van An High School and Son High School West.

To apply to these schools, students must satisfy 3 conditions: The student or the student’s parent(s) has a permanent residence in Hanoi or has a certificate of residence information (in which the student is enrolled in the school). the student’s birth or parents have confirmed permanent residence in Hanoi); grading of conduct and academic performance for the whole school year of middle school classes from good to above; Graded high school graduation from good or above.

Students in the northern provinces from Thanh Hoa onwards with academic results in the 9th grade, classified as excellent academically, with good conduct and won the official prize in the provincial exam for excellent students, are eligible to apply for the class. Specializing in Chu Van An High School.

According to the regulations of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, each student has many options to apply for admission to the above schools, including:

– Each student can apply for admission to specialized classes of 2 out of 4 high schools mentioned above.

– Students can apply for admission to the same subject of the two schools, but they must be ranked in order of priority: 1st choice, 2nd choice.

– Students can also apply for admission to many different specialties of the two schools, provided that the exam sessions of those subjects do not coincide.

As a rule, candidates will go through 2 rounds of the exam. Round 1 is a preliminary round for students who are eligible to apply and have valid application documents. Round 2 is the entrance exam for students who have passed the preliminary round.

In which, round 1 is based on the following criteria and is evaluated by scores:

– Results of participating in social activities, talent competitions within the organization of the province, the country, the region and the world (First prize 5 points, Second prize 4 points, Third prize 3 points, Consolation prize 2 point).

– Results of 4 years of secondary school learning (good 3 points/year; good 2 points/year).

– High school graduation results (3 points for excellent, 2 points for good).

The total pre-qualification score is calculated as the sum of the three results mentioned above. Candidates scoring 10 points or more will be eligible for the 2nd round of entrance exam.

In the second round, candidates will sit for 3 exams in the 10th grade entrance exam for non-specialized public high schools, including Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages ​​and specialized exams according to their wishes. The admission score is the sum of the scores of the non-specialist exams (factor 1) plus the scores of the specialized exams (factor 2). In which, the test scores of all subjects are calculated on a 10-point scale.

The Hanoi Department of Education and Training only considers students who have enough tests as prescribed, do not violate the Exam Regulations to the point of canceling the test results, all the tests have scores greater than 2.0.

It is expected that the time to organize the 10th grade entrance exam for public high schools in Hanoi will take place on June 18 and 19. On June 20, the candidates taking the exam for specialized classes continued to compete in specialized subjects.

In which, on the morning of June 20, subjects: Literature, Mathematics, Informatics, Biology (150 minutes/test), French, German, Japanese, Korean (120 minutes/test); The afternoon of June 20 includes subjects: Physics, History, Geography (150 minutes/test), Chemistry, and English (120 minutes/test).

The subject exam is applied in the form of an essay, including questions according to the standard requirements of knowledge and skills of the current lower secondary education program of the Ministry of Education and Training, mainly in the 9th grade program. , ensuring the levels: awareness, understanding, application and high-level application.

Particularly, the foreign language subject (exam for specialized foreign language classes) is applied in a combination of essay form and objective test to assess listening, reading and writing skills.

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