Hacker stole 50 million USD in virtual money and asked the victim to register to receive it

Last week, hackers successfully carried out an attack on a Web3 project. The victim this time is Cashio, a stablecoin based on Solana. The hacker group took advantage of a vulnerability that allowed them to mine an almost limitless number of tokens, developer Cashio said on Twitter.

Hackers stole $ 50 million in virtual money and then asked the victim to register to receive it - Photo 1.

The hackers then announce on the blockchain that they are considering returning funds to some accounts according to specific criteria.

“Accounts under $100,000 have been paid,” the hacker said. “The goal is to take money only from people who don’t need it, not everyone. Will use ETH proceeds to refund those affected, possibly even for accounts over $100k. Each account can only be refunded once.”

Not only that, the hacker group also gave specific step-by-step instructions for victims to register to receive their money back. A Twitter account named wireless_anon has created an open-source website where victims can gather digital signatures and automatically submit requests for money back.

“We will choose who can get the money back. It can be all, part or nothing. Gather your claims into one file, refunds will be processed manually next week. It will take time”, quoted the hacker group’s post.

Some victims are earnestly demanding their money back, even calling the hacker group “Robin Hood”. But it is not clear whether they are the real losers, and it is uncertain whether the hacker group will actually return any of the money they have taken.

Cashio Discord channel administrators were not immediately available for comment.

The Cashio hack is the latest in an ongoing series of attacks on cryptocurrency protocols, decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as Web3 institutions.

This is not the first time hackers have stolen virtual currency and negotiated directly on the blockchain to return some or all of the assets. Before that, Multichain and PolyNetwork attack groups, among others, did the same thing.

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