Hai Bang told me about 2 times of abscess surgery and was shocked

Hai Bang has just recounted her 2 surgeries, making netizens afraid to turn pale on her behalf.

After marrying Thanh Dat, Hai Bang focus on the business and take care of the young children. Because of giving birth to 3 children in close time, Hai Bang had many serious problems such as a cracked abdomen and an abscess.

Remember in November 2021, the singer was hospitalized to treat an abscess because she could not stand the prolonged pain.

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Hai Bang is happy with her 3 kids

This morning (April 3), when her health condition gradually stabilized, Hai Bang posted a status line to share the entire process of abscess surgery with fans. The singer said that during the three births, to the breastfeeding stage, she had difficulty because of the inflammation, pus and continuous bleeding.

She wrote: “Many mothers are concerned about Bang’s health during the second abscess surgery, so now she shares about the time when she had problems until after treatment so that mothers who are taking care of their children will have more experience to Monitor your own health.

Geography Bang stole a lot of milk, after giving birth to baby Kem, Bang breastfed her baby for nearly 4 months because one side of the milk gland was inflamed. For every 1 side milk, 1 side bleed, add baby Milk allergy cream, every time you drink breast milk, you will get eczema on your face. Also try to give the baby to drink but stop breast milk is better, drinking breast milk will burst again, when the milk is stopped, then one side is inflamed, painful and bleeding sometimes when followed up by the doctor with ultrasound, the test shows no signs. abnormal signal.

When it was time to give birth to the second baby, after 2 days of caesarean section, the milk was too much, also milked for KOi for 5 days, then started 1 side of the old inflammation again bleeding, bleeding a lot but still trying to squeeze both sides but only One side is milk for KOi, and the bleeding side is discarded. The friend KOi stole his body so he didn’t have enough milk, and one side was bleeding too much, forced to stop milk after 12 days, went to the doctor, just said inflammation was normal and took medicine.

Having given birth to the last baby KiO, Bang decided to stop milking from the beginning so that she wouldn’t have to change milk in the early stages. The last time the doctor stopped milking, the doctor had to give medicine to stop the milk because the milk still came back with a terrible feeling every time the milk came in, only women who had given birth could understand it.

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Hai Bang just told me about 2 terrible surgeries

Because the pain was getting worse, Hai Bang decided to go for treatment and surgery to remove the inflammatory gland after 3 years: “Three months after giving birth, I went to the doctor and had a general ultrasound, the condition was still normal with no signs of instability, but the inflamed chest still hurts and bleeds, the doctor still only gave me oral and topical medicine, not The bandage is also very careful to check up to 3 places but the doctor still just said inflammation is normal and nothing.

Lasting until the end of last year was so painful, I decided to remove the inflamed part because it had lasted for 3 years. When the surgery was thought to be simple removal, who expected that the inflammation caused pus for a long time, so it did not have to be cut. The doctor has to suck out all the pus inside and then make an open surgery to let the pus drain out and heal before it can be handled because the remaining pus will not be able to heal the wound. Think back to that part of the ice change that haunts.

After 5 months, the wound healed, then Bang underwent minor surgery to remove all the inflamed milk glands, taking out a fossil like pulp after more than 3 years it was in the body. Now it’s very good and waiting for the test results of the removed part of the mammary gland to be cancerous.

Mothers who see signs like Bang shared should go to the hospital for early treatment, but the condition of pus lying in the body for a long time can easily lead to cancer. Luckily, it’s okay, I hope you guys can avoid problems like Bang after this article.”

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