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Heartbreaking scene of a boy trying to cross the road in front of a car

The driver of the car slowed down and honked his horn, but one boy still deliberately wanted to cross the road in front of the car.

A recent situation happened to Mr. Nguyen Van An (Kien An, Hai Phong) while driving from Kien An hill to Le Duan street (Kien An, Hai Phong).

Mr. An said that because the road is quite small and there are residents around, the travel speed is only under 20 km/h. Especially when he discovered that a group of children were playing a game of butter pipe throwing (throwing cans) in the middle of the road, so he slowed down and honked the horn.

However, it seemed that a few children were still playing the game and didn’t notice, suddenly a boy rushed across the street, making An startled and slammed on the brake pedal.

Watch video:

The entire situation that Mr. An encountered has been filmed on camera journey, but when looking back, he still feels heartbroken because in this case, if he replaces his low-rise car with a high-rise SUV, the driver will be negligent. Therefore, An hopes that through the video, drivers when traveling on narrow roads and with children need to be highly alert and always be ready to step on the brake pedal.

Dinh Quy (video: Nguyen Van An)

Have you ever had a heart attack while driving? Please share videos and information to the Department of Motor Vehicles by email: [email protected] Appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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