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Hire a stalker, caught her husband in the motel with his lover

On 3-4, the police of Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province, said that they had prosecuted the accused and detained Le Thi Thin (42 years old) and Le Xuan Phuong (50 years old, living in Buon Ma Thuot city) to investigation of property abuse.

Hire someone to watch, caught her husband in a motel with his lover - Photo 1.

The subjects involved in the case at the police agency

According to initial investigation results, Thin suspected that her husband, Mr. NKH, had a love relationship with Ms. NTNT, so she asked Tran Cong Hai (57 years old, Buon Ma Thuot City) to monitor for 30 days, with a salary of 30 million dong.

After that, Hai asked Phuong to monitor and pay a salary of 15 million dong. Phuong continued to ask and pay half of the money to Nguyen Thanh Hoang (47 years old, residing in Binh Dinh province) to accompany her to follow up.

To carry out the monitoring, Phuong and Hoang bought a tracking device attached to Mr. H’s motorbike. On March 19, they discovered Mr. H and Mrs. T. going to a motel in Ea Tam ward (Buon Ma city). Thuot) then the subjects pulled over and caught them red-handed.

Here, Phuong used her hand to slap Ms. T in the face. After that, the subjects forced Ms. T. to write a receipt to pay 120 million VND for the cost of jealousy. At the same time, force Mrs. T. and Mr. H. to take off her clothes and lie down on the bed for this group to record the clip.

Then, on March 22, at V.D. coffee shop. (Buon Ma Thuot City), when the subjects were receiving 30 million VND from Mrs. T., they were arrested by the police force.

Buon Ma Thuot City Police are continuing to consolidate records to handle related subjects according to regulations.

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