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Hot on the road: The driver’s ‘melancholic’ steering phases

With large trucks such as containers, trucks or passenger cars, urgent steering can be expensive. However, the situations below, the “sad” steering phases have saved many lives.

Container steers away from vehicles in the opposite direction and accepts losses

(Video source: OFFB)

Situation Very dangerous involving 3 vehicles just happened on the morning of March 31. The cause stems from a car entering the lane from the branch road to the main road quite quickly, which makes the moving truck somewhat unexpected and has to brake quickly.

Due to the slippery road, the truck turned sideways and veered into the opposite lane, when there was container truck is going. The driver of this container had to turn sharply to the right to avoid a head-on collision, accepting a series of roadside obstacles.

Turning the steering wheel to avoid the motorbike crossing the road recklessly, the truck overturned

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The incident happened on the morning of March 31, on a road in the territory of Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province, recorded by a home security camera. At that time, a couple riding a motorbike in the opposite direction and then crossed the road indiscriminately, causing the oncoming truck carrying construction materials to steer and brake sharply to avoid it.

The truck was then damaged upside down then dumped all construction materials on the road, the truck driver was injured. After the above incident, two motorcyclists are being harshly criticized for such a half-hearted crossing. If the truck driver fails to steer in time, the consequences can be much worse.

The tractor steers “twisted” to avoid the motorcycle’s headshot

(Video source: Traffic Social Network)

Also related to the motorcycle’s crossing phase. Recently, the heart-stopping situation was captured by a dashcam on a car, showing the moment a man driving a motorbike crossed the main road from a small alley, then continued to rush straight to the other side of the road. without stopping to observe.

At the same time, a container truck rushed from behind. When seeing the man suddenly crossing the road, the driver of the container truck promptly steered to avoid, helping to save the man’s life.

Containers avoid sudden stops of cars

(Video source: Tiktok/KhanhHoang)

Traffic situation Very dangerous happened on March 28 in the city. Tam Diep (Ninh Binh) when the car is running in the lane that allows going straight or turning left, the container truck follows right behind near the Tam Diep junction. Suddenly, the left turn light on the boom post turned yellow. The car suddenly braked and stopped, causing the driver of the container truck to turn sharply to the right to avoid it, causing the front of the truck to hit the side of the truck next to it.

In this situation, the main cause comes from the location of the “missing size” traffic lights, which is quite far from the junction. Normally, light poles are arranged at the intersection, this side or the other side of the road, but are all within the junction. In addition, on the road surface, there must be a limit line for stopping vehicles.

The bus driver quickly turned the steering wheel to avoid the motorbike crossing the road without looking

(Video source: Vinh Khang Tran)

The above incident happened at about 2pm on March 20 on the national highway in Nghe An province. The whole incident was recorded by the dash cam of a vehicle going behind, showing that the passenger car was traveling on the road at a fairly fast speed when suddenly encountered a motorbike rushing without observation.

The unexpected situation caused the passenger car driver to quickly steer to avoid, even, the right two wheels of the passenger car lifted up very dangerously. Besides the criticism of the girl crossing the street carelessly, not paying attention to cause danger, the bus driver in this situation was also strongly condemned by the online community for running at too fast a speed.

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