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Husband is seriously ill in bed, wife’s actions make people stir-Young

Sunday, April 3, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

Netizens couldn’t help but be outraged by the wife’s actions, but immediately “turned the car” when they knew the story behind.

The Chinese online community is currently “waking up” before the video recording the wife entering the husband’s hospital room laughing and talking. It can be seen that the husband is lying on the hospital bed, his mouth is wide open, his nose is plugged into a breathing tube, he does not know whether he is asleep or in a deep coma, looking extremely weak. Meanwhile, the wife next to her makeup is gorgeous, young and beautiful.

According to page 163, the husband in Sichuan (China), due to a serious illness, had to be hospitalized. It is normal for women to wear makeup to make themselves more beautiful, but what makes it difficult for netizens to accept is that the wife goes to the hospital to livestream, talk and laugh happily.

The woman’s actions received many “bricks and stones” from netizens, many of whom criticized her for being ungrateful, marrying at the wrong place at the right time, joking around while her husband was struggling with illness.

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The wife was “stoned” for the live stream laughing and talking in front of her bedridden sick husband.

Before the outrage of the online community, the woman said that she was laughing and joking in her husband’s hospital room because she felt quite stressed during the livestream, but in her heart was really not as happy as people thought.

She also thinks that her laughter does not deserve to be “stoned”. It is known that this woman’s husband was in bed for a very long time. She devotedly took care of her husband continuously for 5-6 years without complaining.

At first, when her husband fell ill, the woman cried every day, but over time she gradually got used to her situation. Currently, taking care of her husband in the hospital seems to have become a habit and a very normal thing for a woman. She wants to be strong and smile so that her spirit is always optimistic and strong enough to take care of her husband until the last day.

Listening to the woman’s confession, netizens realized that they had mistakenly blamed her, quickly expressed their sympathy, and sent encouragement to her to have more motivation and will to take care of her sick husband.

“The older sister may have laughed in the wrong place, but if put in her position, a smile is really worth it,” one netizen commented.

Another shared: “Behind that smile is perhaps the sadness that has been stored for many years. People are also human, even in the darkest adversity must keep an optimistic spirit to motivate themselves.

Not long ago, Chinese netizens also argued fiercely about videos of wives dancing in front of their bedridden husbands.

According to Sina, the wife named Cui Phuong Le (47 years old, living in Tien Cu, Thai Chau, Zhejiang, China), has been married to her husband Phuong Kien Huy for 20 years. The two have known each other since elementary school, the family is also quite close, grew up dating and then got married.

About 3 years ago, while watching football, Phuong Kien Huy was extremely excited, leading to brain hemorrhage and fainting on the spot. Through examination and necessary tests, the doctor said that if he could be saved, he would forever become a vegetative person, without the opportunity to walk.

Although the family advised to let Phuong Kien Huy go, Cui Phuong Le did not agree, and begged the doctor to save her husband. Phuong Kien Huy regained consciousness 2 months later, from then on, Thoi Phuong Le gave up her office job and was always by her husband’s side. She enlisted to sell more yang mai wine, a typical fruit in the Tien Cu region, to earn extra income.

The 47-year-old woman was originally a cheerful and energetic person, used to join the village’s dance team. Since her husband was ill and bedridden, she didn’t have time to go out with everyone to dance, so she bought a price on the phone and filmed taking care of her husband every day, sometimes even dancing.

On January 25, she uploaded an 18-second video of dancing in front of her husband to Douyin, unexpectedly being scrutinized and criticized by the online community. However, when asked if she was angry, she simply shook her head and smiled.

Cui Phuong Le said she always consults her husband before filming a video, then let him check it once before posting it online. At first, she just wanted to share her daily life as well as how the couple fought the disease together, but was criticized by netizens.

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