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I just withdrew my lawsuit against my ex-husband

People say that the fourth sister-in-law broke her nose and still isn’t afraid, but is planning to get on the flower car again?

Actress Hoang Yen: Oh my god! How should I answer people to be satisfied? Honestly, when I took a photo shoot, people said I look like a bride, right? So when I post pictures, I always write like that. That’s all, but she’s about to get married right away.

The thing about me getting punched that many people remember. Personally, I have also learned from experience and your father, Mm, my daughter, has also apologized to me. There won’t be any more assaults. Mr. Thang, your friend’s father, is also handsome, clever, what lack of a lover, but it takes effort to follow me forever?

Besides, a few days ago, I also went to the authorities to voluntarily withdraw my application, not to sue my father anymore. I want to make peace, not to make enemies. And I believe we both realized our mistake.

Actor Hoang Yen: I just withdrew my lawsuit against my ex-husband - Photo 1.

“Wearing a white dress does not mean getting on a flower car,” Hoang Yen said (Photo: NVCC)

Actress Hoang Yen: Maybe because I’m too cute, many people care (laugh)Why is it that every photo of her wearing a wedding dress makes people suspect that she is going to get on a flower car? It seems that no one believes that Hoang Yen can stay in “happy single” mode for a long time?

As an actor and businessman, you are too deeply scrutinized about your private life, do you mind?

Actress Hoang Yen: Thi Phi makes me shine more. Everyone keep looking, shine a lot to make me brighter, I’m very grateful for the special attention. The waves, storms, and tongues of the world only make me stronger. Because I live a very simple life, without wearing a mask.

Have you and the youngest daughter’s father really become friends, can you sit down and talk to each other? Is he comfortable meeting you or dropping you off?

Actor Hoang Yen: My father is also busy with work, now he is calm, so picking up children has been normal for a long time. I even took my son to him when it was convenient. Last week, he still texted me apologizing and even said that if she liked it, she could just call him out and beat him, if he was bored, he knew he was wrong. (laugh). Whatever happens will pass.

Does your ex-husband contribute to raising your daughter?

Actress Hoang Yen: I don’t currently ask for a child support contribution. Just let him save up later to grow up for you.

Actor Hoang Yen: I just withdrew my lawsuit against my ex-husband - Photo 2.

“Miss Xuyen” revealed: There is a “collection” of men who love her, but not her future boyfriend or husband (Photo: NVCC)

Some people compare Dao Hoang Yen to… Vo Tac Thien, who has a rich emotional life. What do you think?

Actor Hoang Yen: Terrible, doesn’t it turn out that I’m great just like Vo Tac Thien? But I advise people not to drag others out to make such comparisons. Historical figures are not something for people to joke about like that, it’s a crime!

If you get married for the 5th time, how will your mother and children react?

Actress Hoang Yen: All my loved ones always want happiness to come to me, no matter what I do, my mother and children are always a great source of encouragement and comfort for me to fulfill my wish.

But until now, I really enjoy the free life, without a husband, never wanted or thought of getting married even for a moment. Being alone like me is now happy both mentally and physically (laugh)

Actor Hoang Yen: I just withdrew my lawsuit against my ex-husband - Photo 3.

Ms. Xuyen “Go home, baby” and her biological mother (Photo: NVCC)

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