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Junk foods to avoid during weight loss-Beauty

Sunday, April 3, 2022 11:59 AM (GMT+7)

The following snacks contain a lot of calories, so you should avoid letting the weight loss process achieve the desired results.

In the process of losing weight, many people are interested in carefully choosing each dish. Most of them focus on eating healthy aka healthy foods. In particular, snacks are very interested because it both helps you reduce hunger and aids in weight loss. Here are 9 healthy snacks that you should avoid because it causes excess fat accumulation.

1. Sweet Chocolate

Eating chocolate during weight loss will cause the body to be loaded with a lot of sugar. Original chocolate has a bitter taste, but if it is sweet, it has milk, fat and other ingredients that make it impossible for the body to lose weight when eaten.

2. Deep fried bread

Junk foods should be avoided during weight loss - 1

Crispy bread can be a snack that provides less energy. Compared to many other snacks, this is a food that contains sodium and fat. Both sodium and fat are considered “enemies” of weight loss.

3. Granola with milk

In the process of losing weight, many people want to eat granola with milk or yogurt, but in general, eating this way will provide the body with about 400 kcal of energy. If you eat granola, you should eat about 1 cup without adding milk or yogurt.

4. Crispy fried bananas

Deep-fried bananas are different from fresh bananas because they are elaborately processed. Initially, it will be fried in oil and continue by cooking with many other flavors including sweet and savory. So, if you are in the weight loss phase, eating fresh bananas will be more beneficial.

5. Nuts mixed with dried fruit

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Today, a mixture of nuts and dried fruit is often favored when it comes to weight loss. But must eat the right dose, about 1/4 cup, if eaten a lot can cause the body to load a high amount of sugar and make the fat loss process useless.

6. Smoothies

Smoothies are a refreshing drink but if you are in the weight loss phase it is better to avoid it. Smoothies contain a large amount of syrup or sugar to create a sweet and delicious taste, so it causes the body to take in more calories.

7. Sugar-free drinks

In the process of losing weight, you need to focus on buying more drinks or food. In particular, drinks that are labeled as sugar-free are recommended to be avoided. Because these drinks will have a very high amount of sweeteners instead of sugar. Sweeteners slow down the metabolism in the body. And that inevitably affects weight loss.

8. Sweet and flavored yogurt

Junk foods should be avoided during weight loss - 3

Of course, yogurt is a recommended snack during weight loss. But keep in mind that many yogurts are flavored and flavored, even low-fat yogurt. In addition, yogurt often has a large amount of sugar to create the best taste.

Knowing what types of junk food are recommended to avoid during weight loss, many women are probably confused about what to eat. You should choose nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, reduce starch, and sweets. The key to effective weight loss also depends on controlling and distributing the right amount of food along with daily exercise.

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