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Many domestic social networks are created to replace Instagram and Facebook in Russia

Rossgram is one of the domestic social networks that replaces the Instagram service in Russia (Image: Getty Images)

Early last month, Russia repeatedly blocked a series of platforms Social Network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

According to allegations by the Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor, these social networks acted in a “discriminatory” move against Russian state media. Additionally, these services violate federal law by restricting access to certain media outlets’ accounts.

Faced with this situation, developers in Russia quickly seized the opportunity and launched a series of domestic social networks to replace blocked services.

Rossgram is one of the first domestic social networking applications announced in Russia. With a design quite similar to Instagram, the creators of Rossgram have called this Russia’s answer to Instagram.

Many domestic social networks were created to replace Instagram and Facebook in Russia - Photo 1.

The interface of the application Rossgram

Meanwhile, the black and white version of Instagram is also simulated by an application called Grustnogram. The creators of Grustnogram said: “We are saddened that many popular social networking services for various reasons have been suspended in Russia”.

According to Alexander Tokarev, the creator of Grustnogram, he was inspired to develop this app after witnessing the appearance of Rossgram.

Several Russian state media and government agencies have recently started posting their videos on RuTube. This is a video sharing platform developed by Gazprom-Media, which is considered an alternative to YouTube in Russia.

On May 9, Russia is expected to launch the NashStore application as an alternative to the Google Play service. The platform will use the Mir payment system to replace Visa and Mastercard.

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