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More than 120 people are looking for the missing 1 year old boy, where the baby was found

According to the Mirror, the heartbreaking incident happened to 1-year-old boy Jose Lara in Crescent City, Putnam County, Florida (USA). That day, while his mother was busy at work, the boy went out and played alone in the park.

When the work was done, the mother found that her son was missing, so she immediately reported him to the police. Understanding the information about the incident, the police and a search support team of more than 120 people participated in the search for the child’s whereabouts but to no avail. After 24 hours of searching, on March 28, the body of a 1 year old boy was finally found.

More than 120 people search for missing 1-year-old boy, where boy was found - 1

A 1 year old boy was found dead in a septic tank.

“Today I regret to inform everyone that the search for Jose Lara has ended. We have found the poor boy’s body,” Gator Deloach, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, said in a statement to media.pine.

As it turned out, Jose was wandering the park and unfortunately fell into a nearby septic tank. The septic tank initially had a wooden lid, but over time it rotted. Maybe Jose was accidentally stepped on and fell, because no one noticed in time, so he’s gone for good.

Mr Deloach said: “Under the weeds and dirt was a piece of wood, which appeared to be rotting so when the boy stepped on it, it broke and the boy fell. One of our team called someone to clean the septic tank, then found Jose’s body.”

The Putnam County Sheriff said the incident with Jose was just an accident, in no way related to cheating. However, the authorities will continue to investigate to clarify the cause of the boy’s death.

Eric, one of the neighbors who helped find Jose while his mother was busy caring for another child, told the WESH news agency: “We’ve been here all night trying to help find him, but we can’t find him.”

“I didn’t go to work, I felt I had to do something to help this family,” said Janet Arce, another neighbour.

The tragic accident of a 1 year old boy has sounded the alarm for many parents on the subject of neglect to care for young children, sometimes just a little carelessness has led to a heartbreaking incident. Parents and caregivers should always ensure that children are in plain sight, in no way let young children play alone as they may be in danger.

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