Mr. Putin is still using Windows 7

On March 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to require Russian government agencies to limit the use of foreign software on critical infrastructure. These agencies are encouraged to use Russian-developed software themselves.

Specifically, from March 31, Russian government agencies will not be allowed to buy software from abroad without permission from the competent authority. By January 1, 2025, the use of foreign software at these agencies will be completely prohibited.

With popular computer software such as Windows, Office or Photoshop all originating in the US, Russia will need to quickly develop similar tools to serve its government apparatus.

While this transition was taking place, the head of state of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was still using Windows, specifically Windows 7. The image was published during a meeting attended by the Russian Prime Minister about the issue. the power issue on last 1/04 shows this.

Mr. Putin is still using Windows 7 - Photo 1.

Putin participates in a meeting on energy and gas issues (photo: Global News)

Previously, there were some reports that Putin used Windows XP. However, in fact, this is Windows 7 operating system with Basic theme. Of course, we can’t ignore the default Windows 7 wallpaper that has been changed to a picture of the Kremlin at night.

Mr. Putin is still using Windows 7 - Photo 2.

Putin’s PC screen with Windows 7 interface

In fact, over the years, Putin’s PC hasn’t had any noticeable changes. A photo from 2019 shows that the Russian Prime Minister’s desk is still the same screen, along with the Basic theme of Windows 7 and the Kremlin wallpaper. Obviously, as the head of the country, Mr. Putin will have more important responsibilities than… changing the desktop wallpaper.

Mr. Putin is still using Windows 7 - Photo 2.

A photo of Putin’s office from 2019

Even so, that does not change the fact that the version of Windows Putin is using is very outdated. Windows 7 was first announced in July 2009 and officially discontinued by Microsoft in January 2020. Microsoft has taken many measures to encourage users to upgrade to newer versions of Windows.

Mr. Putin is still using Windows 7 - Photo 3.

Microsoft’s notice board to all Windows 7 users about the discontinuation of support for this operating system

Currently, Windows 7 is no longer updated with security patches by Microsoft. However, surely Putin’s PC will have its own measures from Russia to ensure the safety of data.

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