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Netizens argue about this tip?

Housewives often pass on useful cooking tips to each other, making the kitchen work much easier. As recently, a girl has posted an extremely interesting tip, that is, for dishes that need to be simmered to soften meat or bones, the soup when the pot is boiling, add ice, so the bones / meat will be softer faster. . However, soon after, this trick caused controversy about its effectiveness.

While cooking curry, the girl poured an entire tray of ice into the pot to make the meat soft: Netizens argued about this trick?

Below the clip, netizens have tried, some have succeeded, some have not. Meanwhile, the owner of the clip also said that, despite following this trick, she did not find it effective because the meat was still tough.

– What’s so strange, I still eat it tough.

– Put the ice to cook quickly, really soft, my family also do it.

– I bought ice from the store, it really works.

– I did the same, but why can’t I?

Currently, this topic is still controversial.

Source: TikTok @truongchi1402 fight-meow-now-20220403203133183.chn

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