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Notes to avoid losing points for reference exam in Literature

Mr. Phan The Hoai, Literature teacher at Binh Hung Hoa High School, Ho Chi Minh City, instructs on how to conquer different types of questions in the reference exam for Literature.

The Ministry of Education and Training has announced illustration exam graduating from high school in 2022. In terms of structure, Literature topic Similar to last year, however, students who do not pay attention to test-taking skills will lose marks in both reading and writing sections.

First, the reading comprehension part, it is necessary to master familiar poetic forms such as: Duong Luat poetry, Luc Luc verse, Song That Luc oct, free verse and some other poetic forms (five-, seven-, and eight-letter poem). Must be able to identify the poetic form, not speculate.

In addition, understand metaphorical images to have a basis for decoding the content, art of the article, and the poem. Specifically, the third sentence of the reference exam has the following images: “poetry page”, “village”, “fruit”, “house”, “color of shirt”, “tree color”, “Vietnamese” – hidden example for the material and spiritual values ​​of the Vietnamese people.

In addition, students must derive meaning for themselves from the content of the required verses. For example, sentence four can draw the meaning: youth should inherit, continue and promote the tradition to create new values.

One of the mistakes students often make when doing sentences three and four is unclear expression. In these two sentences can be written as follows: Through the lines of poetry: “a river rumbles and waves / in countless pages of poetry / makes villages, fruits, houses / creates colors, colors of trees, and Vietnamese” we see that the Red River plays an important role in the lives of Vietnamese people…

The lines of poetry: “My blood is red in the Red River / endless suffering and joy” is meant to remind today’s youth…

Second, social commentary, just discuss a content, aspect that the subject requires. With this reference exam, first of all, it is necessary to explain what the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation are (material and spiritual values). Then answer why it is important to respect the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation (preserved and handed down by the forefathers; making the identity of the Vietnamese people…).

Students write a paragraph into a miniature essay (with a three-part layout, or separate paragraphs) of two or three pages long, which takes time and is deducted at least 0.25 points / 2 points). Paragraphs without evidence or without integrating some of the content mentioned in the reading comprehension text will not be given a perfect score.

Experience shows that students should write paragraphs in the style of synthesis-composite – the passage combines deduction with induction, making the writing coherent. The opening sentence gives a first-degree generalization, the following sentences develop the general idea, and the concluding sentence is a second-order generalization with an enhanced and extended nature.

Expansion sentences are made by explaining, proving, analyzing, commenting, commenting or giving impressions, thereby proposing statements about the topic, synthesizing, affirming more values. of the problem.

Third, the literary essay, in terms of form has enough introduction, body and conclusion. In it, opening an article introducing author Kim Lan, the background of composing the short story “Wife picked up” and summarizing the content of the excerpt.

Regarding the content, the body of the article, identify the problem to be discussed: the mood of the old lady Tu character through the excerpt and comments on the humanitarian thought of writer Kim Lan expressed in the excerpt (narrower than personal thought). directing in the work).

Before analyzing the mood of old lady Tu in the excerpt, students need to shout at the character Trang from the beginning of the story until he brings her home and introduces her to her mother. Understand and properly understand the character of Mrs. Tu based on the following aspects:

Information about old lady Tu is described by the author in the excerpt through actions and language.

Grasp the role of old lady Tu in the excerpt (central character, main character…).

The relationship between the old lady Tu and the characters Thi and Trang in the excerpt.

State the meaning of the character of the old lady Tu to the work (what role does the character play in expressing the content, art and thought, the author’s point of view…).

During the analysis, pay attention to place the characters in the general context of the story to make the essay more profound. Students often forget to analyze art, also lose marks in this content.

At the end of the article, evaluate the role of the character of the old lady Tu in the success of the work, along with the message that the author wants to reach. You can state your feelings about the character of the old lady Tu, avoiding general endings without any emphasis.

The creative score for a literary essay is 0.5 points/5 points. Students write coherently, use good words, have a new perspective, put literary theory into work… are some of the plus points.

Phan The Hoai

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