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Phu Quoc has the most beautiful forest resort in the world

The leading American travel magazine selected Mango Bay Resort in Phu Quoc in the top of the most beautiful forest resorts in the world.

Travel+Leisure recently selected 14 unique eco-resorts that offer complete isolation for visitors to be immersed in the natural surroundings of the forests and wildlife. In which, leading the Gaia Amazon eco-resort in Ecuador, Mango Bay of Phu Quoc ranked fourth.

Located on Ong Lang beach, Cua Duong commune, the resort has 40 bungalows that blend into the space of the mountains and the 20-hectare garden. These bungalows are decorated in a simple and elegant style with wooden furniture combined with mosquito nets.

Relaxing area with a view in a separate two-story bungalow.  Photo: resort

Relaxing area with a view in a separate two-story bungalow. Photo: Resort

According to American magazine, the large-scale development has turned Phu Quoc from a paradise of remote jungles into a hot spot of tourism activities such as big-brand hotels, 5-star resorts, clubs. Ministry, casino… On the other hand, there are still units interested in ecotourism like Mango Bay. This resort is like an “oasis” on the beach, built with sustainable materials exploited locally such as wood, soil, lime, gravel… Attention to energy and water resources , nature conservation can be seen everywhere such as using water-saving toilets, composting, outdoor bathrooms, smart bed cooling systems (avoid using air conditioners).

Guests staying here can experience many outdoor activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, beach volleyball…

In addition to Phu Quoc, Southeast Asia has three other representatives also ranked in the list of the most beautiful forest resorts: Shinta Mani Wild in Cambodia, Datai Langkawi in Malaysia, Soneva Kiri in Thailand and Mandapa in Indonesia.

Top most beautiful forest resorts in the world:

1. Gaia Amazon Ecolodge, Ecuador

2. Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

3. Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

4. Mango Bay Resort, Vietnam

5. Aarunya Nature Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

6. Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

7. Islas Secas, Panama

8. Datai Langkawi, Malaysia

9. Copal Tree Lodge, Belize

10. Soneva Kiri, Thailand

11. Secret Bay, Dominica

12. Mandapa, Indonesia

13. Rio Celeste Hideaway, Costa Rica

14. Meghauli Serai, Nepal

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