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Princess Charlotte always makes Princess Kate “irritated” because she often steals an item

Children often have a hobby of imitating their parents or acquaintances from gestures to appearance. They always want to prove that they really are like an adult. And royal babies are no exception. According to Cosmopolitan, Princess Charlotte often makes Kate’s mother “irritated” because she likes to take away a signature item from her mother’s cupboard.

What item is that? The answer is sunglasses, a favorite item and often used by Princess Kate on public trips. A source told Life & Style, when Charlotte was 6 months old, she loved holding her mother’s sunglasses in her hand. The little princess is really “obsessed” with this item of her mother.

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Princess Kate and her daughter at a recent event.

When Kate can’t find her favorite sunglasses, she often finds them in Charlotte’s bedroom. The little princess has a collection of children’s sunglasses. But of course, for any girl, her mother’s item is always much more attractive“, said a source close to the royal family.

During a recent trip to the Caribbean, Princess Kate also made fashionistas fall in love with the sunglasses she used. Besides, this source also said that Charlotte has a very “expensive” hobby, she always prefers small and pretty crowns, but Charlotte still prefers “the real thing”. She is even said to beg her mother Kate to promise her an actual tiara when Charlotte grows up in the future.

Little princess does not seem to know that, when grown up, it is possible that Charlotte will inherit the heirloom crown of the family of her paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana. The tiara represents the image of the illustrious Spencer family, once used by Princess Diana on important occasions.

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Princess Kate is stylish with striking sunglasses.

Princess Charlotte always makes Princess Kate

Princess Diana’s heirloom tiara.

However, fashion isn’t the only thing Charlotte resembles her mother. Princess Kate and her mother also share a common interest in sports.

Swimming, tennis and horseback riding are Charlotte’s hobbies. Kate is also teaching her daughter to play hockey in the garden. The little princess also loves rugby while her brother George is more passionate about football“, a source added.

Earlier this year, Duchess Kate showed off her rugby skills during an official visit to Twickenham Stadium (home of English rugby). Most likely in the future, Princess Kate and her daughter Charlotte will form a royal rugby team of their own. It’s sure to be an interesting one and will be enthusiastically supported by fans.

Source: Cosmopolitan life-long-term-rieng-20220403132426854.chn

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