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Princess Kate wears a beautiful evening dress like a goddess

The image of the royal bridesmaids is often associated with standing dresses, combined with aristocratic hats. However, their style is not only “framed” like that, but transformed in a variety of ways. The style of the world’s top best dressed Royal bride – Princess Kate Middleton is a convincing proof.

Princess Kate also worked hard to wear modern and youthful items such as jeans, white sneakers, T-shirts, floral dresses… like many other sisters. Or no less than Hollywood stars in terms of evening dresses. Princess Kate There are countless moments prom dresses beautiful, but gorgeous, overwhelmed like a goddess must be the times she wears a metallic dress.

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During her recent trip to the Caribbean, Princess Kate had too many style explosions, leaving a deep impression on the public. The dark blue, brocade dress of fashion house Jenny Packham brought a gorgeous look, like stepping out of a fairy tale, for the British Royal Bride. Her bun hairstyle is the ideal choice because it both enhances her beauty and honors the beauty of the current design.

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Not too flashy like Jenny Packham’s dress, the snow blue dress design from Phillipa Lepley still helps Princess Kate have a luxurious and gorgeous look. The overall look of Princess Kate became more perfect thanks to Van Cleef jewelry, and metallic shoes from Gianvito Rossi.

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Prince William and his wife match each other, but the attention of the people only “bounces” on the gorgeous appearance of Princess Kate. She wears a sweet and luxurious hot pink dress that stands out but still exudes sophistication. Princess Kate also shows that she is a true fashion icon when skillful from choosing hairstyles to accessories.

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Wearing a dress covered with “pomegranate dew”, Princess Kate did not bring a feeling of excessive showiness. On the contrary, the look of the British Royal Bride is only glitter, lemongrass or more, and shows a fashion icon class that is hard to “crush”.

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Exquisite and gorgeous in every detail is what can be summed up about the set of outfits including sequined skirt, rhinestone bracelet, clutch and metallic pointy shoes that Princess Kate is wearing. Not only fashion style, Princess Kate’s beautiful angle also shines in this moment.

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The sequin dress Princess Kate is wearing is a design that not everyone can conquer. However, thanks to her standard figure, aristocratic aura, and wavy curly hair, Princess Kate even helped her dress become more gorgeous and overwhelming.

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Princess Kate is gorgeous but still has something elegant and elegant when wearing Missoni’s metallic dress design. With this eye-catching dress design, Princess Kate is not too picky in terms of accessories. The Royal bride simply chose a clutch, high heels and beige tones, and then wore a thin necklace.

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Anyone who looks at Princess Kate in a sparkling gold dress design from Jenny Packham, can associate her image with the beauty of the Greek goddesses. And with only less than 10 times of wearing metallic clothes, Princess Kate has shown that she fully deserves to be called the “new generation Royal fashion icon”.

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