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Removing difficulties for export to Russia – Ukraine


The Russia-Ukraine conflict are causing many difficulties for Vietnam’s import-export businesses, because many shipments have gone through export procedures but have to change customs procedures because they cannot bring goods to these two markets and some countries. Other Eastern Europe.

Immediately after receiving feedback from businesses, General Department of Customs has sent an official dispatch directing the Customs Departments of the provinces and cities to immediately solve problems with procedures for the above goods shipments.

Phuc Sinh Joint Stock Company has 25 containers of agricultural products, although it has completed export procedures but cannot be brought into Russia and Ukraine. Enterprises were forced to bring some containers back to Vietnam, the rest tried to sell to other markets. There are quite a few domestic enterprises in the same situation.

“We hope that when the shipment returns to Vietnam, we will get customs clearance quickly to quickly bring the goods to the factory to recycle packaging to export to other countries,” said Mr. Phan Minh Thong – General Director of Phuc Sinh Joint Stock Company. , TP. Ho Chi Minh said.

Currently, a number of shipping lines have refused to accept orders to transport goods from Vietnam to Russia and Ukraine, while shipments on the way have not been able to enter these two markets.

At the Customs Branch of Saigon Port Area 1, there are currently 15 enterprises that have completed export procedures to Russia and Ukraine with over 300 declarations.

In cases where the goods have been registered for the customs declaration but now change the import partner, the customs will allow the customs to declare additional information about the consignee abroad.

The General Department of Customs also requires customs units across the country, during the implementation process, if there are any difficulties or problems, they should promptly report them to the General Department to find the maximum support plan for businesses, and handle them well. exports to these two markets, reducing costs incurred for businesses.

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