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Russia threatens to attack British weapons shipped into Ukraine

Russian diplomat Andrey Kelin accused the British Defense Secretary and the British government of being “unwilling to work in favor of a solution” peace for Ukraine. He thinks Britain is trying to make the situation worse.

Russia threatens to attack British weapons shipped into Ukraine - 1

Russian Ambassador Kelin. (Photo: Interfax)

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that a Starstreak missile launcher successfully launched a missile at a Russian attack helicopter in Lugansk, eastern Ukraine. Starstreak is one of the types of weapons sent by the UK to the Ukrainian army in recent months.

In addition to providing weapons, Britain has also previously sent military experts to Ukraine to train its soldiers on how to use weapons.

Ambassador Kelin reiterated Kremlin statements that Russia considers British anti-ship and long-range artillery systems, as well as convoys transporting these weapons to Ukraine, as legitimate targets for Russian military attacks. .

The Russian ambassador said that the British government’s view is very similar to the picture drawn by President of Ukraine Zelensky from his bunker.

According to the Russian Ambassador, this picture is the basis for decisions that contradict reality, making the conflict more bloody.

Mr. Kelin believes that the British media are reporting one-way about the situation in Ukraine, only highlighting the activities of the Azov battalion fighters without mentioning their violations. According to the Russian side, the Azov battalion is a neo-fascist force in Ukraine.

President Putin launched a “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. After that, the US, UK, and EU launched many sanctions packages targeting Russian individuals and organizations.

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