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Should you sell or rent a self-driving car?

Sunday, April 3, 2022 16:30 PM (GMT+7)

(PLO)- Owning an A-segment car but no need to use it, car owners consider selling the car and keeping the car for self-drive rental.

Owning a car in Vietnam is no longer too difficult, now users only need to spend an amount of about 400 million VND to be able to own a class A car to travel. However, buying a car for what purpose, personal use or renting a self-driving car for business are issues that many users are interested in.

Buy a car but rarely use it: Should you resell or rent a self-driving car?  - first

According to experts, when buying a car, users need to consider the purpose of using their car. Photo: HOANG GIANG

Recently, sharing on a social network group, an individual said: “I bought a class A car for VND 369 million from November 2021, so far I have no need to use it, so I want to sell it to you. priced at 330 million VND and was bought by many people. However, some friends advised me to keep to rent a self-driving car to have a stable income.

Before that situation, many individuals advise this member with many different ways of handling. Accordingly, there are two streams of opinions: some members support this member to sell cars and there are also opinions that suggest that car owners should keep their cars for rent, when they need to move, they still have cars to go.

Mr. Ngo Van Hau said: “With the resale price of 330 million VND for such a new car, many people will want to buy a car. If you have no need to travel, you should sell, because the longer the car is left, the more it will be depreciated.”

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Le Vo also said: “Personal cars for self-driving rental face a lot of risks, if you sell the car, you still have some money left to help you invest in another field or not. than”.

Talking to PLO, Mr. Chu Phat Dat, director of a self-driving car rental unit, also advised that in fact, self-driving car rental units rarely accept consignment contracts for different types of vehicles. segment A, because user demand is not much. If you deposit your car at self-driving car rental units, you will only be paid an amount of 7-8 million VND/month.

“Not to mention, self-driving rental cars have a high depreciation rate, and the lessee does not keep the car as good as the owner of the car. In particular, risks such as car hirers being fined or even renting cars and selling them”- Mr. Dat emphasized.

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