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Small details on cars

To form a car complete need 2000 – 3000 details. Even the smallest detail when integrated on the car has its own use.

Posts This article will introduce everyone to the useful effects of car details and small parts that are often overlooked:

Shift-lock button

Many automatic transmission riders may repeatedly see a piece of plastic with the word “Shift-lock” arranged near the gearshift area but have no idea what this button means.

Normally for automatic transmission cars, when the engine is turned off, it will not be possible to change gears from position P to N, R or D. In case the car has a problem that cannot start or stops in the middle of the road, it will be very difficult to move. move the car.

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“Shift-lock” is designed as a latch to help the vehicle shift gears without starting the vehicle.

In the past, the “Shift-lock” button was often designed to be floating, but due to aesthetics, car manufacturers now often arrange this button hidden under a plastic cap near the gear lever above the steering wheel shaft. Accordingly, when you need to change gears, you just need to remove the plastic cover, press down on the small latch below to be able to change gears.

Although it is only a very small detail on the car, this is a part that saves many drivers in situations where the car cannot change gears.

However, some high-end cars may not have “Shift-lock”.

Child lock in the back seat

Tiny details on the car but have unexpected effects - Photo 2.

In fact, there are many cases where the person sitting in the second row opens the door unexpectedly, causing an accident for the oncoming rear car.

This small symbol and lever is often found in the driver’s rear seat shop or on both sides. Its purpose is that when in the “on” position, the car door will not be able to open from the inside, thereby minimizing the chance that children or unobserved passengers will suddenly open the door, causing unsafety.

Anti-glare handle for rearview mirror

Tiny details on the car but have unexpected effects - Photo 2.

Anti-glare lever on the rearview mirror of cars that many people mistakenly think is… hangers.

In the interior of a car, there is usually a central rearview mirror that is used to look at the blind spot behind the car that the two side mirrors cannot see.

Specifically, this detail will help prevent glare when the lights of the cars behind come on, not a hanger like many drivers mistakenly believe.

– The usage of the anti-glare lever on the car rearview mirror is quite basic: The driver only needs to push the small lever behind the mirror down, the mirror will be activated with anti-glare mode to ensure visibility.

On current high-end cars, this rearview mirror is equipped with an automatic anti-glare feature; However, in some popular cars, the anti-glare mode must be adjusted by a lever.

The tip of the igniter

Tiny details on cars but have unexpected effects - Photo 4.

Detail with a cigarette print right on the center console is used to get fire or light a cigarette.

The igniter is a rather strange detail for non-smoking drivers, especially women. Many people do not know that often pressing on and pulling out and touching leads to burning hands.

– Using:

The user presses firmly on the tip of the pipe, waits for a while for the metal coil in the pipe to burn enough, the pipe will automatically pop out. It can then be used as a lighter to light a cigarette.

Currently, this detail is often purchased by drivers to convert from a cigarette lighter to a USB port to charge phones or listen to music.

Cable hook cover in front of the car

Tiny details on cars have unexpected effects - Photo 5.

A very small detail in the car’s nose can help the car easily move in the event of a breakdown or stall on the spot without a dedicated rescue forklift.

If you look closely at the nose of the car, you will see a small cover detail with a round, square or polygonal shape depending on the design of the car company. This is the plastic cover to cover the hidden rescue cable hook inside.

When the vehicle is stalled or damaged and needs to be towed, the driver will find the hook head to hook the cable on when the driver opens this cover. From there, the vehicle can be towed easily in the absence of a dedicated rescue forklift.

Small slots on the dashboard

Tiny details on the car but have unexpected effects - Photo 4.

Small door slots located near column A have the main effect of ventilation and glass drying.

There are many people who still mistakenly think that the small slots arranged on the taplo board, near column A are the air vents of the air conditioning system. However, these slots are designed to be fixed diagonally to the outside and cannot be adjusted.

In addition to the venting effect, these small door slots also have a function to direct the wind to dry the side window glass, helping the driver easily observe the rearview mirror. Accordingly, the glass drying function comes into play when driving in foggy areas and when it rains.

Hazard warning lights (hazard lights)

Hazard warning lights should be used in case of danger and to warn other vehicles of danger, for example in cases of: vehicle breakdown, vehicle stopping at the side of the road or in emergency situations such as loss of vehicle. brake or can’t control…

In addition, the driver can also use the emergency lights in some other situations such as driving in fog or heavy rain to make it easier for other drivers to observe.

Tiny details on the car but have unexpected effects - Photo 5.

Users should not use hazard lights indiscriminately.

Tire wear index

Tires are an important part of a car and checking tires is the first thing everyone needs to do before every departure, whether it’s a long or close trip.

Tire wear indicators (wear bars) are located in the main grooves and are evenly spaced around the tire. In case it is found that the tire has worn out equal to the length of the wear bar, it is advisable to replace the new tire, do not waste money on replacing the tire.

In addition, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, if you ride a few cars, people should still change the tires after about 6-7 years and the car does not come, just to not use it, it also needs to be changed after 10 years.

Tiny details on the car but have unexpected effects - Photo 6.

The position of the tire wear indicator. huu-ich-the-nay-20220330165014411.chn

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