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Special things only in Ha Giang in April-Travel

Sunday, April 3, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Ha Giang in April is not as romantic as autumn, not as bright as spring, but if you are lucky, you will see a jubilant bull fighting festival in Meo Vac. Also in this town, purple flowers will once again make you bewildered, or enchanted with the color of Nho Que water,…

Colorful flowers

Ban flowers, white flowers, white truffles, rice flowers, buckwheat flowers in reverse season strongly bloom in late spring, still bringing new vitality to the rocky plateau. April Ha Giang also returns with off-season buckwheat flowers, which are grown a lot in Quyet Tien commune, located on Hanh Phu road, the section from Ha Giang city to Yen Minh.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - January

The flowers bloomed white. There are many bends, flowers fall on the ground, lingering on the cliffs. The hot sun makes the cat’s ears pale, but it serves as the background for the red rice flowers to light up a bright red fire at midday in the summer.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - March

Ban flowers bloom purple in the whole town of Quan Ba, bringing visitors into a dreamy space. Not many have been introduced and planted in Meo Vac, mainly on the central roads of Meo Vac town or school yards in Pa Vi, Khau Vai, Niem Tong communes, etc. But the flowers in Meo Vac seem to be own beauty that “rare places have”; It is the color of purple flowers, both feminine and youthful like a girl in the age of the full moon.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - April

The colorful flowers have attracted photography-loving tourists everywhere, visitors will be spoiled for checking in for luxurious and beautiful photos.

Spectacular Ma Pi Leng Pass

Although Ma Pi Leng pass is not long, it is the most dangerous part of the northern mountainous region. Me Pi Leng is likened to the “king of the passes” in Vietnam with 9 bends around, craggy on the steep cliffs, opposite side is the abyss.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - May

This place gives you the magnificent natural scenery, which is an attractive destination when April comes.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - June

Fairy Waterfall – Wind Pass

Fairy Waterfall – Wind Pass are two of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Xi Man district, Dien Bien. The attraction of Thac Tien mountain makes people think of the image of a village girl in full bloom in her youth.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - July

With a height of 70 meters in the middle of the old forest, this waterfall is not too noisy, on the contrary, it brings many unique emotions to those who see it. The waterfall cascades down, dropping on the back of the majestic Wind Pass, creating a beautiful natural picture, attracting many tourists.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - August

Yen Minh Pine Forest

The green and poetic beauty of Yen Minh Pine Forest makes people think that they are walking among the scenery of Da Lat in the beautiful sunsets.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - September

The forest seems to embrace a wide mountainous area, including the Dong Van rock plateau. The natural picture here is so beautiful, so perfect that no one notices the difference in color of the trees, which are seasonally dropped or tinged with yellow.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - October

Dong Van Plateau

Located at an altitude of 1,000-1,600m, Dong Van rock plateau is surrounded by 4 districts including: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive places in Ha Giang. With a special limestone area, this plateau is distinguished by its interesting natural formations, showing the primitive beauty, and also depicting the intact development of the earth’s crust.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - November

Up to 80% of the ingredients that make up the Dong Van plateau are limestone. They are formed from many environmental conditions, and when they go through many different stages of development, they obviously possess a mysterious beauty and endless attraction.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - December

Lung Khuy Cave

Lung Khuy was only discovered in early 2015, this place is extremely prominent by the inherent natural beauty that nature has bestowed. The cave is formed with mysterious stalactites, diverse colors and diverse shapes, evoking strong imagination.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - 13

Most of the stalactites are golden in color and have never been affected by humans. The deeper you go into the cave, the more you will feel the magnificent beauty of Lung Khuy.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - 14

Khau Vai love market

In April, visitors will experience the joyful, interesting, and lyrical atmosphere with the famous Khau Vai love market, which meets on the 27th of the third lunar month every year (taking place from April 25-27, 2022). ).

Special things only in Ha Giang April - 15

On this day, the boys and girls in the villages are dressed in new clothes to wait for Khau Vai love. Next to the sound of the trumpet calling for you is a bustling space of laughter, conversation, sparkling lovely, pure and boundless beauty of love. This is considered one of the most attractive festivals of the program.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - 16

Lung Cu flagpole

This destination is located in the territory of Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district. The column is nearly 1,470 meters above sea level. This is also the northernmost point of our country, a place of sacred significance. Lung Cu flagpole is an indispensable check-in place in the journey tourism Ha Giang in April.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - 17

There is nothing more exciting than the moment of reaching the northernmost peak of the Fatherland, sacredly looking down at the vast sky and earth of the Fatherland. Only the sun danced from one mountain top to another. Only the shadow of the mountain leans to the sun, but the heart is warm like in the middle of our country.

Special things only in Ha Giang April - 18

Ha Giang in April has a warm atmosphere with its own beauty. During this time, many special cultural festivals take place, and nature becomes the most beautiful, welcoming tourists from all over the world to visit and enjoy.

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