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Spend a lot of money for your children to study in luxury hotels

ChinaTwo weeks ago, the “Worry-Free Online Classroom” program of Shanghai Wenhua Oriental Hotel left parents restless.

Immediately following, a series of similar programs by the hotel Other luxury brands such as “online classroom butler”, “freeing parents to work”… are also launched, aiming to attract more wealthy families in big cities.

In China, people call this program “Studycation” (learning combined with relaxation), to help parents maintain work from home and manage their children’s online learning while the blockade order is still in place. implemented in some areas in China to control the epidemic.

Promotional Program Worry-free Online Class of Shanghai Wenhua Oriental Hotel.  Photo: qq

Advertisement program “Worry-free online class” of Shanghai Wenhua Oriental Hotel. Photo: qq

Take the Wenhua Oriental Hotel Shanghai as an example. The current list price of the “online classroom butler” program is 5,900 yuan (VND 21.1 million) for 5 days, 4 nights with a luxurious room, for students 7-16 years old. The package also provides three meals a day, with a butler in charge of overseeing the client’s online learning program. Guests check in from Monday morning and check out at 6pm on Friday.

The hotel poster also notes that each student must be accompanied by an adult guardian to check in. During their stay, this person gets a 7% discount on hotel meals and spa services.

Since applying the new service package from March 16, more than 10 customers have ordered services of Wenhua Oriental Shanghai. The hotel’s communications director said that the first customer checked-in on March 21.

“Parents and students who registered their children to stay at the hotel all had a positive response,” the manager shared.

It is worth mentioning that young children still need an adult to stay in the hotel at night. But parents can choose to take their children to the hotel at 7am and pick up at 8pm.

Wenhua Oriental Shanghai is not the first hotel to launch a Studycation package. According to Chinese media, since the city requires students to stay at home Online Learning Since March 12 due to the outbreak of the Omicron mutation, Suning Universal Hotel in Nanjing has applied this program. Accordingly, the “online classroom butler” – the name of the Studycation program – costs 350 yuan for half a day and 500 yuan for the whole day for one student. Immediately the hotel had hundreds of calls to ask about the service.

“Parents no longer have to worry about their kids while they’re at work. While hotels can increase revenue. In this particular period, the quality of a hotel doesn’t just depend on direct reviews. online, but also from academic scores,” the Suning Universal hotel emphasized in the advertisement.

“The hotel’s IT team ensures a smooth internet connection. Hotel staff supervise children while doing homework. Our staff will monitor the whole process of children doing homework. Catering team Drink to ensure meal time for children. Security team ensures children are isolated”, the ad reads.

After two weeks, many hotels are now launching the same package. On the advertising pages, the Studycation program costs from 588 yuan to 11,664 yuan. 80% of the packages require a guardian to accompany them and allow them to leave the hotel while the children are in online learning.

A hotel room is advertised for the online classroom program at Suning Universal Hotel, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.  Photo: qq

A hotel room is advertised for the “online classroom” program at Suning Universal Hotel, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. Photo: qq

Unlike many resort products, the design concept of Studycation program is not focused on children but focuses on what can be provided to parents in order to free them from having to take care of family and work.

Zhang Zhining, deputy director of the China Institute of Tourism Research’s Strategic Research Center, said that in the early stages of the epidemic, hotels did their best to save themselves through “holiday” packages. close to home” and “resort combined with work” because people no longer have the freedom to move around like before, but it doesn’t bring much benefit in filling the hotel.

“Now that the market has recovered in an orderly manner, hotels are constantly introducing multiple ‘hotel + X’ packages, which are similar to ‘online classrooms’ to attract guests to stay and create cost scenarios. spend on customers, bring more income,” said Mr. Truong.

This person also commented that the above initiative helps many hotels maintain operations during this time Covid-19 has not ended. These service packages also do not violate Chinese law.

However, there has been a question as to whether studying and staying in hotels is beyond the scope of these entities’ business. “Especially, if the hotel surreptitiously arranges courses without the permission of the Chinese Ministry of Education, it is illegal,” Mr. Truong Tri Ninh shared.

Recently, the Xiamen City Department of Education asked parents and students to study at home, and avoid participating in “online classrooms” at hotels. The city’s culture and tourism department has also asked hotels in the city not to open similar services.

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