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Staring at other people’s lives is a way to destroy your own life

It seems that everyone is busy with their own lives, hoping that everything will be smoother, everything will run smoothly. However, also because of the desire for the beauty of life, many people lose the motivation to work hard, just wanting to be imitators of others in the hope of getting the same results as them.

We are all born with different shapes and personalities. Even though we all have the sky above our heads, breathing the same air, everyone’s path is different. Since everyone is an independent individual with their own thoughts, they will walk on different paths. In other words, in one’s life, one must conquer one’s own sky.

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If you want to pursue a prosperous and happy life, you have to put in the effort. If you just want to sit back and enjoy success, indulge in fantasies with laziness, you won’t be able to achieve anything, life just gets worse.

Everyone wants to live a simple and happy life. In fact, it is completely doable, as long as you are determined to put all your efforts into that goal, your dreams will come true.

There are many successful and happy people in this world. They can get what they want and live a fulfilling life because they have their own ideals and positive attitude.

Some people because they want to live like them, decide to make their own copies. They forget that no two lives are the same and look to other people’s lives and sooner or later yours will fall apart.

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Since childhood, a young man named Phan always hoped to become someone like Jack Ma – rich, powerful, wise and visionary. He dreamed that people who didn’t come from a prestigious university could still create miracles like Jack Ma, so why couldn’t he.

Phan also studied hard about computers, building websites as Jack Ma used to do. But for the next few years, he not only failed to achieve the desired success, but also lost miserably. Phan failed not because there was no purpose, no perseverance or courage to act. It was because he blindly wanted to follow someone else’s path but forgot his own. Phan also forgot to adapt to the times and changed his own pace.

Jack Ma didn’t graduate from a prestigious university but that was more than 30 years ago. The value of the title then was not what it is today. Along with that, the Internet industry really grew very rapidly and one of the main reasons for Jack Ma’s success at that time was innovation.

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You can’t go wrong learning from great people, but everyone is born and raised in a different environment, faces different choices and meets different people in life. You can learn from the accomplishments and good things of others, but you cannot imitate and emulate them completely. After all, you are you and they are them.

Know how to study and analyze areas to develop based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Only when you can maximize your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses can you maximize your value.

You should also know that the road under your feet must walk on itself firmly, so that you can go further and further. Copying blindly not only does not create more value, but also removes your ego, making your life forever in a habit, without new ideas. Trying to copy someone else’s life will set you up for failure to the point of no return.

If you want to be successful, don’t just stare at other people’s lives, copy them blindly without being realistic, flexible and creative. If you don’t see yourself clearly, you are doomed to fail and not be the person you want to be.

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The way forward is up to you. Be calm in looking at things, analyze your strengths and weaknesses rationally when faced with a choice. Only then can we make the most appropriate choice.

Wise people always know what their strengths are and create a good life by their own hard work, not by looking at others, imitating exactly the same. Everyone must have their own ideals and ideals, have a better understanding of themselves, dare to be creative, dare to struggle and be firm on their own path.

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