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Thai Cong first responded to antifan

Along with the popularity, Thai Cong also encountered many controversies, especially when this designer invaded to become a “top” idol and review luxury items on this platform. Below many clips, netizens have left many mixed comments, even criticizing Thai Cong’s views.

Before these comments, Thai Cong almost ignored, without any response. Recently, however, the designer surprised people when he was said to be teasing the netizens.

Criticized by netizens but ignored for a long time, Thai Cong suddenly mocks people who often comment and criticize online - Photo 1.

Until now, Thai Cong often ignores netizens’ comments

In the clip, Thai Cong holds a glass of orange juice, drinks it while asking questions to netizens like “Do you know if this is fresh orange juice, canned oranges or mixed orange powder?”, “From which oranges do you squeeze this glass of juice? Cement oranges? American oranges? Moroccan oranges? Thai oranges?”,… After asking for fun, the designer confirmed that the viewer would not know the answer.

From here, Thai Cong says: So if you want to criticize this orange juice, you have to drink the glass of orange juice Thai Cong holds in your hand. If you want to make an interesting and accurate criticism for the listener, you must at least have the experience! Experience drinking many different types of orange juice, in many different places, then you will be able to criticize this glass of orange juice.”.

“So you should be careful with your comments and criticism. Because then people will see your knowledge, experience and experience” – Thai Cong concluded.

Criticized by netizens but ignored for a long time, Thai Cong suddenly mocks people who often comment and criticize online - Photo 2.

Thai Cong and his glass of orange juice

In the comment section, many people could not help but be surprised because it was the first time that Thai Cong was so slanted. But besides that, there is an opinion that it is not reasonable for Thai Cong to review products on a channel like TikTok, so many people have mixed comments:

– Skillful slicing!

– I see you say it well! It’s good to curse a few people who comment.

– It’s the first time you see Thai Cong talking crap, right?

– People who have both money and qualifications speak profoundly!

– Because the marketing note is not the right channel. Who is your target audience above? The cup and cup cost millions to tens of millions of dollars, it’s normal for people to feel shocked.


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