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The crumpled car is still running, the fans sarcastically: “Destructed but not broken”

A few days ago, a social media user posted a video on a forum about large Vietnamese cars. The video captures a very unexpected scene when a car seems to have been in an accident, causing the tire to be crumpled but still running on the road. After only a short time, the article has attracted more than 2.6 thousand interactions, nearly 500 comments.

The video with thousands of likes on the crumpled car is still bonbon, the fans sarcastically: “Demolished but not wasteful”

Based on the language of the people who recorded the video, it can be surmised that this situation did not occur in Vietnam. However, wherever it happens, traveling with a vehicle in a condition like the one shown in the video has potential dangers for both occupants and other road users. In the event of such an accident, the vehicle owner should call an ambulance service instead of engaging in this undesirable behavior.

Under the comments section, many users recognized the car in the video as the 8th generation Honda Civic. In addition, many netizens also left comments mocking this dangerous behavior.

The crumpled car still runs fine, the fans sarcastically: It's ruined but not broken - Photo 2.

The DriveSafeOnline page has pointed out a few common but very dangerous types of accidents that road users need to pay close attention to.

1. Distractions

This type of accident occurs when the driver is not paying attention to the traffic, occurs when the driver uses the phone, eats while walking, or is too focused on the story. Traffic situations are always full of surprises, drivers should focus to be able to intervene in time.

2. Side stabbing

This type of accident can happen when going through an intersection. To avoid this accident, some tips can be given such as staying in the right lane, turning on the turn signal before changing direction, keeping a safe distance, going slowly when approaching the intersection.

3. Continuous accident

This situation is often seen on highways when an unexpected situation occurs that causes a vehicle to brake sharply; Vehicles behind may be hit by surprise. Situations that can lead to a series of accidents can be mentioned such as high traffic density and speed, and unfavorable weather. One of the top tips is to always keep your distance from the car in front.

4. Flip and roll around

The situation is often caused by driver error, which can happen when the driver is cornering at high speed, plus the car’s high center of gravity is very easy to roll over. In addition, an event where an SUV had a flat tire on the highway and flipped over is an example.

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