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The “hysterical killer” killed 13 girls, scaring the whole Hunan (episode 14)

In May 2001, the people of Hunan spread a rumor: Recently, a serial killer who targeted long-haired girls, dressed in red, was wandering alone on the street. Many families even force their daughters to cut their hair short, not to leave the house after 7 pm.

The case that shocked China: The

“Why are there such rumors? Who is that butcher? Is it just a rumor or is it a true story?…”, all questions asked by the people at that time were explained on August 10, 2001. That day was the day Doan Quoc Thanh was arrested and the police made all his crimes public. According to the investigating agency, from April 1999 to June 2001, the name homicidal Doan murdered a total of 13 women.

Doan Quoc Thanh, male, 28 years old (at the time of arrest), is a Hunan national, without a job. Since childhood, Doan Quoc Thanh has had to witness his family quarreling over money, since then his personality has gradually become different and eccentric with those around him. At the age of 13, he was sent to a reformatory for theft, but was further fined for his negative re-education attitude. After being released from prison at the age of 18, he could not give up stealing, continuing to serve another 5 years in prison.

“His entire teenage life was in prison, eating government food and having a lot of home food, not liking to interact with others, no one to shape the good part, so the bad part prevailed,” said a warden. used to be in charge of him.

10 years behind bars not only could not make him better, but also made Doan Quoc Thanh more aggressive, taciturn and cruel. In 1998, Duan Guocheng started looting again in Hunan. Initially, the killer confessed that he did not intend to kill the girls, he just wanted to rob money. However, after the first robbery (the perpetrator of the time did not remember exactly when), the louder the victim shouted, the more satisfied Doan Quoc Thanh felt. Doan Quoc Thanh felt excited when he heard his victim screaming in vain. The more the opponent screams, the more he tries to stab until the victim is silent. Maybe that’s also one of the reasons the media calls him a “hysterical killer”.

The case that shook China: The

The scene of one of the killer’s live victims.

On June 2, Doan Quoc Thanh killed a 21-year-old girl with 38 stab wounds on her body in Wuhan (China). After the murder, he calmly left the scene, returned to the hotel, and washed the blood stains on his body.

At 5 am on 4/4/1999, a young girl was killed on her way home, all her money was lost. On February 23, 2000, a 47-year-old woman died of 25 stab wounds. At 1 am on February 16, 2001, another victim returned home after playing mahjong, Doan Quoc Thanh killed his opponent with a knife and took 4,000 yuan from his pocket…

The consecutive cases made the investigation agency of Hunan province stand still. They mobilized the entire force to find the perpetrator with identifying characteristics such as: Male, 1m72 tall, parted hair, square face, small eyes, bold body, white skin, using the fake name Ho Thanh to hide. .

While being hunted, Doan Quoc Thanh still blatantly continued to commit crimes. From May 9, 2001 to June 3, 2001, the “hysterical killer” attacked 5 more people, of which 3 died, 2 were seriously injured.

The case that shocked China: The

The killer felt excited when he heard the victim’s screams (illustration)

Newspapers reported on continuous robberies and murders and the victims were only women, causing Hunan people to spread rumors that the killer only chose girls with long hair, wearing red clothes like the color of blood to go out. hand.

While the police were having a headache searching for the reckless serial killer, they received a message from the hotel director. The director informed that after receiving the wanted document from the police department, he had to review all guests who rented rooms at his hotel. He discovered a guest in room 311 named Ho Thanh and had the same characteristics as described in the wanted poster. Immediately the police appeared and surrounded the hotel.

On August 10, 2001, Doan Quoc Thanh had to put his hands in handcuffs and was responsible for the 13 lives that fell under his hands.

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