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The palace maidens in the distance are still “sticking to the palm”

China’s history has gone through many dynasties and many times we have to witness the Emperor Although he has the status of master of the world, he does not perform his duties properly. They are the people who, instead of focusing on governing the main court, think of pastimes to entertain themselves day and night. One of them is Tong Ly Dam Diameter. According to historical records, Ly Dam was infatuated with alcohol and often thought of ways market very unusual.

How to choose a unique concubine

Cardboard Diameter after sign up just indulged in pastimes, luxurious dinner parties… Duong Kinh Tong has devised a lot of entertainment, one of which is the way to choose a phoenix impregnated with arrows.

Cardboard Diameter for the creator of a special bow and arrow that has arrow made of paper. Wrapped in the tips of the arrows is a powder of musk or ambergris. Every night before the royal palace gives eunuchs summon concubines to line up neatly. The Emperor stood at a certain distance from them using the prepared bow and arrow to show off his archery skills.

The eager emperor showed his talent to shoot arrows to choose a concubine for his wife: The palace maid from afar was still under the palm of her hand - Photo 1.

The king devised a way of carving usually by shooting arrows to select the royal family. (Photo: Baidu)

Any concubine hit by the king’s arrow will be left with a trace of powdered incense. The special thing is that even if it is hit by an arrow, it does not feel pain. Later that type of bow and arrow was named “Window Arrow”. If he hits someone, that concubine will immediately return to the palace to prepare for the burial.

At one point, the emperor shot an arrow that went out of line and hit concubinesthis means that concubines will be selected market. Therefore, the concubines and palace maidens, everyone wants to be hit by the arrow of the king to take a step up from there. Therefore, every time it was time to choose, they often scrambled to stand in the easy-to-hit position.

The ending is not happy

Not only was he fond of wine, but Duong Kinh Tong also neglected the main court and was engrossed in playing. One of the activities that Emperor Ly Dam loved the most was playing bridge (horse-riding game). For this emperor, pursuing his passion for playing chess was the most important thing. Every day, the king also went to Trung Hoa Palace or Phi Long Vien to play bridge code. The high court took place roughly, many days if the king was not interested, he would leave the mandarin.

Magnate are not satisfied with this wild passion of the emperor. They repeatedly offered advice to the king to have fun in moderation and focus on taking care of the country.

The eager emperor showed his talent to shoot arrows to choose a concubine for his wife: The palace maid from afar was still attached to the palm - Photo 3.

Duong Kinh Tong was addicted to gambling and drinking, so he was killed at the hands of a eunuch. (Photo: Baidu)

The great minister Luu Te So even knelt in front of the Central Palace and bowed his head, hoping that the emperor would think clearly. Initially seeing the strong reaction of the court officials, Ly Dam restrained his hobby and worked hard at the imperial court, but soon the king became ill again and continued to indulge in horse-ball matches.

Because of being too passionate about fun and neglecting to govern the country, the presence of King Duong Kinh Tong gradually became unimportant. The eunuchs in the palace colluded, and the palace became more and more chaotic. The power of the court was in the hands of the Divine Book army, governed by the eunuchs.

After that, Duong Kinh Tong was killed by Luu Khac Minh (a eunuch). When the emperor was only 17 years old, he became one of the earliest emperors to die in Chinese history. 20220402204158211.htm

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