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The rich life of young wife Quach Phu Thanh

From a little-known model, Moka Phuong Vien lived a prosperous life after marrying the Hong Kong heavenly king Quach Phu Thanh in 2017.

SCMP Reportedly, model Moka Phuong Vien currently regularly attends lavish dinner parties of Hong Kong’s elite.

Her husband is a heavenly king Aaron Kwok give luxury gifts. Phuong Vien is also seen shopping for branded goods at famous commercial centers. Her affluent life made many people admire.

Attention-grabbing marriage

According to SCMPthe marriage of Quach Phu Thanh and model Phuong Vien since the beginning has had many scandals.

Phuong Vien is 22 years younger than her husband. Before becoming Mrs. Quach, she was a poorly known B-class lingerie model. Not only that, Phuong Vien is also entangled in the love of participating in parties of the rich, a model of materialistic women.

According to HK01when Phuong Vien married Quach Phu Thanh, she was said to be greedy for money, wanting to live richly thanks to the $258 million fortune of Hong Kong’s heavenly king.

Indeed, after getting married, Phuong Vien gave up modeling and stayed at home to give birth. She herself also admitted that she did not earn money, living dependent on her husband’s allowance. Even Phuong Vien’s parents were taken care of by Quach Phu Thanh.

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Phuong Vien became a public figure after marrying the Hong Kong heavenly king Quach Phu Thanh.

The marriage of the Hong Kong heavenly king was even more noticeable in July 2020, when the young billionaire Vuong Tu Thong mocked Phuong Vien coming out of the giant hunting furnace.

According to QQthe previous manager of Phuong Vien and Tuyen Van is Amy Ngo Lap Phuong, the strong representative of Radio showbiz.

The press once revealed that she allowed her female artists to “meet” famous and rich figures to earn money and expand relationships in the world. After that, a number of social media accounts revealed about the “training line to get rich” that Phuong Vien and Tuyen Van used to participate in.

The scandal made their marriage turbulent. However, Quach Phu Thanh has repeatedly denied and defended his wife in front of the media.

“I think anyone is affected by negative rumors. I’m sad and frustrated too, but I don’t want to explain because the more you justify it, the more people think you’re hiding something.”Phuong Vien answered in the magazine Grazia.

After that, Phuong Vien also shared about being spoiled by her husband and a peaceful marriage. She showed off the bouquets of flowers that Quach Phu Thanh bought as gifts at midnight. The female model wrote: “Every holiday he doesn’t forget to give gifts. I don’t know where he finds flowers at midnight.”

Strolling around her personal page, the audience couldn’t help but admire her willingness to play with luxury branded items. Phuong Vien also often travels by luxury supercar.

Enjoy the life of a rich lady

According to Jayne StarsQuach Phu Thanh once gave his wife many luxury branded bags. In 2019, the actor gave Phuong Vien a car worth $15,000. After giving birth, her husband bought an additional handbag worth 127,000 USD. Another time, he bought his wife 13 pairs of shoes at once.

The beauty is loved by her husband. Quach Phu Thanh also bought a house for his wife, rented a yacht to take his wife on a trip.

According to SCMPPhuong Vien is also a follower of the Chanel brand. She used to have her own skateboard designed by a luxury brand. In 2018, Quach Phu Thanh’s wife bought a tennis set and yoga mat for about $20,000. Besides, she also has many jewelry and costumes of this fashion house.

Other times, Phuong Vien shared two Dior handbags and asked her fans which bag she should buy. The female model shared: “I often have a hard time making decisions. My husband often says if I like, I can buy them all. But I only need one color.”

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Phuong Vien’s rich life, traveling around the world.

Besides shopping for luxury products, Phuong Vien also joins the life of the upper class in Hong Kong. Through the videos posted by her, it can be seen that Phuong Vien’s life in addition to taking care of children is a continuous party.

Her friends are also rich and powerful girls like hot girl Abby, model Tu Giai Nong. In which, Tu Giai Nong’s husband is currently the chairman of a leading film studio in the country of Fragrant Port.

According to Hong Kong media, Phuong Vien is currently a sought-after face and an indispensable guest at parties of Hong Kong’s elite.

Not only that, Quach Phu Thanh also took his wife to a horse racing track abroad. Those are experiences not all women have.

At the age of 57, Quach Phu Thanh is still successful. He often organizes concerts all over Asia. On every tour, he takes his wife with him. As a result, Phuong Vien also regularly travels and participates in events of Chinese-language entertainment.

After many years of economic dependence on her husband, Phuong Vien recently switched from housewife to working as a KOL and blogger. She does many vlogs sharing about her daily life, personal interests and receives high interaction from fans. Many famous brands also look to Quach Phu Thanh’s wife for cooperation.

According to SCMP, After marrying Quach Phu Thanh, Phuong Vien changed her life and lived a rich life without worrying. However, she also faced many adversities. HK01 once reported that female models had to obey her husband and depend on Quach Phu Thanh.

According to Zing

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